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Tiled wallpaper, simple patterns that fit together when placed side-by-side, was the primary wallpaper back in the age of Windows 3.1. While that era of computing is generally not revered for its aesthetics, tiled patterns can look really cool when used properly. Beyond the handful included with Windows XP, however, it can be hard in this day and age to find good tile graphics. Enter Bgrepeat, a modern-day repository of minimalist tile-style backgrounds.

patterns for desktop

Here you’ll find a wide variety of small images that can be used as as tiled patterns for desktop, blog or Twitter page. The site even includes easy-to-follow directions for using the pictures as a patterned background on all those locations, so you’ll be set up in a fashionably retro-style in no time.

patterns for desktop

  • Download old-fashioned, tile-style wallpapers.
  • Directions for using the pictures as backdrops for your computer, blog and Twitter page.

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