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Bfxr is a feature-rich online tool that lets you create sound effects for video games. The tool has a lot of pre-set sound effects that can be used as-is including actions such as jump, explosion, coin drop, hit, blip, select, randomize and more. You can also create a totally new sound effect by playing with the various parameters provided such as compression, harmonics, speed, depth, etc.

Once you like what you have created, you can export it as a WAV file and insert in any game. You can also save your sound effects as an SFX file and then load them again to resume editing. You can also use the mixer to layer aroundĀ parametersĀ in order to create a unique sound effect. The tool is a bit complex to use, but has amazing functionality once you get a hold of it.

create game sound effects


  • Generate game sound effects.
  • Use tons of preset effects or create your own.
  • Over a dozen parameters to customize sound.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: AudioExpert and as3sfxr.

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