Beware Of Google+Facebook Extension And Other New Google+ Tools [News]

Google Facebook 300x3001   Beware Of Google+Facebook Extension And Other New Google+ Tools [News]Users of Google+ should remain wary of new extensions and tools such as Crossrider’s Google+Facebook browser extension. Due to the quick release of these tools, many are not fully tested and are susceptible to vulnerabilities.

The Google+Facebook extension for Firefox, Chrome and IE is an easy way to get your Facebook stream to sit inside the Google+ interface, which is ideal for users who want one central place to check everything. However, due to issues with the coding, PC World advises that it could pose a serious security risk to users and does not recommend the extension’s use.

The problem may have arisen due to the speed of developing this app, which the developer admits was created in 24 hours. A major security flaw is noted in the downloading of an external Javascript file when launched, which is a security risk waiting to happen. If this one file is compromised, all of Google+Facebook’s users would be instantly affected.

Due to the rapid uptake of this browser extension, all security vulnerabilities are an attractive target to hackers.

Google Facebook Extension1   Beware Of Google+Facebook Extension And Other New Google+ Tools [News]

Users of the application have also reported malware-like behaviour, such as changing search preferences and email signatures for certain web-based email clients.

It is not recommended that users install the Google+Facebook browser extension and users are reminded to exercise caution with new tools and services for web applications, especially if they’ve been created quickly and without due concern for security.

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Source: PC World

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