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If you are into self-improvement, you can easily go online to find tips and resources. However, you may not find the right information that will fit your goals and you’ll probably need real people who you can talk to or who can coach you. Enter Betterfly, a website that helps you search for trainers and teachers from various self-improvement fields.

find personal trainers

The main principle behind Betterfly is simple – people, not companies, bring the most impact to your life. Betterfly helps the process of finding the right people who can train you, whether you are into weight loss, piano lessons, learning a foreign language, yoga, and more.

personal improvement training

You can sign up as one of the trainers or Betterist or as a student or Betteree. Betterists can create their own profile page and categorize their different service as Betterees browse through profiles and book appointments with trainers.

Betterfly is a cool community to help you get started with self-improvement. This is especially useful for people who want to help improve someone’s life without needing the connections that an organization or a company provides.



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