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Is your Android smartphone smart enough to disable the screen lock as you connect to your home network? Well, with a location profile app like Llama it can be.

A screen secured with a PIN or a pattern lock takes more than a swipe to be unlocked. You can set up a PIN from the device settings, usually through Settings > Security > Screen lock.


Once this security measure in place, anyone who wants access to your device must get past the lock screen by entering the PIN. This is handy to prevent unauthorized access to your device. But when you’re at home, having to unlock your device screen every time you switch on the screen can get annoying quickly. It is one of the reasons many people do away with the screen lock, which is a bad move from a security standpoint.


The free and powerful Llama app Use Llama To Automate Your Android Phone With Location Profiles & More Use Llama To Automate Your Android Phone With Location Profiles & More On a scale of one to ten, how smart is your smartphone? It may be smart enough to handle email, or help you navigate unfamiliar urban landscapes. But is it smart enough to turn off... Read More can fix this problem for you. It can automatically disable the screen lock as soon as you connect to a trusted network such as your home network, and of course, enable the lock after you disconnect.


We have already covered a couple of other ways to get the same result – by using Safe Areas How To Automatically Unlock Your Android Phone When Connected To a Trusted Wi-Fi Network How To Automatically Unlock Your Android Phone When Connected To a Trusted Wi-Fi Network A smartphone is a very personal device; I definitely wouldn't want anyone fiddling around with my phone without my knowledge. Worse still, were anyone to steal the device, I wouldn't want them to be able... Read More and through Unlock with Wi-fi Unlock With Wifi: Disable Phone Lock When On Your Home Wifi Network [Android] Unlock With Wifi: Disable Phone Lock When On Your Home Wifi Network [Android] Read More . But many of us have found the Llama way better, mainly because it is more reliable. Here’s a step-by-step guide to set up Llama to get rid of that pesky device lock when you’re at home.

Say Hello To Llama

When you install Llama and explore its interface, you’ll notice that it’s a chatty app that gives detailed explanations for every action. The instructions disappear when you tap on Okey Dokey/Groovy on each of them. But don’t worry, they aren’t lost for ever. Need to read the instructions after all else has failed? Access them from the How can I help you? section by clicking on the Llama icon at the bottom of the app.


For this post, we need to concern ourselves with the Events tab only. By default, there are already some events in place, such as switching to a Quiet profile at night and when you’re at work.

Housetraining Llama – It’s Not What You Think

To delegate a task to Llama, we need to create an event, which involves one or more conditions followed by one or more actions. In simple words, what we need is an if-this-then-that setup.


In this case, our If involves connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network, and our Then involves disabling the screen lock. Llama events usually work in pairs, which means you need to pair this event with another one that enables the screen lock on Wi-Fi disconnect.

Disabling Screen Lock On Wi-Fi Connect

Step 1: In the Events tab, look for the bar at the bottom of the app interface. Yes, that’s the bar that displays one-liners like Not related to the Dalai Lama and Llama llama duck. Now tap on the + icon in that bar to add an event. Rename the event, or not. In the screen that follows, add the If condition by tapping on Add Condition and selecting Wi-Fi Network Connected from the list that pops up.


Step 2: In the next popup, you can see a list of available networks. Check the box next to the name of your trusted network, and hit OK. Now you’re back to the event screen. If things worked fine till here, great! You can skip to Step 4.

Step 3: If your network isn’t listed in the popup, it’s likely that your Wi-Fi is off or your network is not in range. You’ll need to take a slight detour here. Ensure that you’re within the range of the network, turn off Wi-Fi, and turn it back on.

Even though you didn’t select a network in the previous step, the Wi-Fi Network Connected condition still appears in the event creation screen, so you won’t be able to add it once again unless you remove it first. To do that, tap on Remove, select the Wi-Fi Network Connect condition, and it’s gone! Now back to Step 1. This time, you should be able to see your home network and select it in Step 2.


Step 4: Tap Add Action from the event creation screen. A list of potential actions pops up. Select Screen lock password. You’ll be prompted to enable Llama as a device administrator, so Okey Doke! it is. Activate Llama as a device administrator and follow the onscreen instructions, answering everything in the affirmative.llama-change-screen-lockWhen you’re asked to enter a password and confirm it, leave the password field blank both times, and hit Ok.


Hit the Back button on your device and you can see the event you just created.

Enabling Screen Lock On Wi-Fi Disconnect

This event is a sort of reversal of the previous one, and the process involved in setting it up pretty much the same as before, except for a few changes:

  1. Go through Steps 1 to 3, choosing Wi-Fi Network Disconnected instead of Wi-Fi Network Connected in Step 1.
  2. When you select Screen lock password in Step 4, you won’t have to go through the activation process again. You’ll be prompted to enter a PIN and confirm it. But this time, don’t leave it blank. Enter a nice and secure PIN. Note that if you have already set up a PIN using device settings, this new PIN will override the first.
  3. Add Screen lock as the second action, and then choose Enable screen lock.


Now your device is protected with a password unless you’re connected to the network you selected before. If you’d like to see both the new events in action, open the Events tab and observe how they’re alternately highlighted in green as you connect to and disconnect from your home Wi-Fi.


Llamas Are Like Camels, But Much More Awesome

Once you learn how to set up Llama to do your bidding, what’s to stop you from focusing on more important tasks like watching YouTube videos all day long?


On a serious note, the screen lock is is vital for the security of your Android device, but it does interrupt your workflow at the most inopportune times. With simple tweaks like the one described here, you can get rid of the lock on your Andorid device at least in locations you consider safe, such as your home. Enabling/disabling the screen lock function is one of the many automated tasks that Llama is capable of handling for you. Tasker is another app that handles automation based on location profiles, but I, for one, prefer its free and funny cousin, Llama.

Do you have a better setup for disabling screen lock? We’re all ears.

Image credits: A derivative of Captain, the Llama by ralphandjenny (used under CC)

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