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Before I begin, I want to issue a disclaimer. I did some consulting work during 2006 for Digonex Technologies, the company that created and owns Nabit. However, the fact I used to work for Digonex is not the reason I am such a big fan of the Nabit software. I am a big fan of Nabit because it is quite simply one of the most useful free software programs out there, if eBay is your passion. The usefulness of the program is the reason I went to work for them in the first place. But in the interests of full disclosure, I thought I’d better mention my past connection to the company.


I buy on eBay a lot, especially books which I collect with a passion. But keeping track of what I have bid on, what I have been outbid on, when auctions are ending and so forth can be quite time consuming. You have to log into the eBay website, put up with eBay downtimes, navigate your way around eBay to find what you are looking for…if the seconds are counting down to the end of an auction and you need to put in a fast counter-bid, those kinds of delays could mean you lose the item you really want!

Also when you are searching for something on eBay, most bargains can actually be found from overseas buyers (which most people seem to overlook). The search engine on the eBay website is not really that user-friendly for conducting overseas searches. This all creates a huge niche which Nabit more than amply fills.

Nabit is a free small software application, approved by eBay, which lives on your PC desktop. It can be automatically started when Windows loads up and you can minimise it to the status bar. When you are not using it, it runs silently in the background and you will soon forget it is even there!

After installing it, you are asked to log in. Now most people whom I talk about Nabit to get concerned that the company keeps a vast database of eBay usernames and passwords. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Nabit does not have access to your log-in details at all. Instead, they rely on an eBay-managed system called “Authorization and Authentication”. Nabit directs you to a secure eBay page, you log in there, eBay verifies your details and then sends an authentication “token” to Nabit to let you in.


Once you have verified your details, Nabit pulls up all your eBay user information, including :

  • live auctions you are currently participating in
  • live auctions you are currently watching
  • auctions you either participated in or watched that are now over.

When I worked for the company, I wrote a manual in PDF format, which will explain all the intricacies of the software. You can download it and read it at your leisure but it is actually a little dated. I have a slightly more up-to-date version (up to November 2006) of the manual and if anyone wants a copy, they can download it here. But here are the highlights of what Nabit can do for you :

    * You can search for an item on eBay either in your own country or, by simply applying a couple of filters, you can instantly search for that item overseas in the following countries – Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. You can filter by other specifications such as “Paypal-only” just as you would on the eBay site. The search is fast, effective and easy. You can then bid for the item INSIDE the Nabit application, removing the need to go to the eBay site at all.

    * Nabit gives you the ability to respond fast to being outbid. With just a few clicks and two Nabit windows, you can place a counter-bid. MUCH faster than going through the eBay site.

    * You will receive pop-up notification windows from Nabit in your Windows status bar when an auction ends or when you are outbid. These can be switched off if you don’t need them or if they irritate you.

    * You can add items to your Nabit watch list and Nabit will synchronize that list with your eBay watch list, making sure both are updated and correct.

    * The Nabit software is multi-lingual. You can change the software language to English, German, French, Chinese, or Portugese – even if you are searching on an eBay site in another language (so for example, you can search eBay USA in German). Everything on the listing page is translated into your chosen language (except text written by the seller) and the prices are automatically converted into your own currency.

    * If you enter your zip code (post code) into Nabit, the application will tell you how far away each seller is from you. So you can search for a seller that lives nearby if you have to pick up the item personally.

    * If you are an eBay seller, Digonex (the company that owns Nabit) will give you a free custom version with your own auctions auto-updating in the status bar of Nabit. You can then burn this custom program onto a disk and hand them out to customers as a free promotional tool.

In a nut-shell, Nabit offers fast easy access to eBay, timely notifications of any changes to your auctions and a superior search capability.

However, Firefox users may instead prefer using the eBay Companion for Firefox. I use both tools and I am torn over which one I prefer the best!

Which eBay tools do you like the best? Tell us about them in the comments!

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