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Computer users often find an application that works and stick to it, without exploring other options. What you need is a tool that helps provide other options to you. These options should be interesting and they should include applications that are similar to apps you use. Such app options are what BestVendor provides.

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BestVendor is a free to use online tool that provides you with various app suggestions based on your LinkedIn profile information and the app that you Favorite on the site. You start using the site by specifying any 3 apps you normally use and by linking your LinkedIn account to BestVendor. You are then provided with app suggestions that are neatly categorized according to the function they perform. You can mark the apps that you have tried and save future ones in your wishlist.

By connecting your LinkedIn account you are able to invite your contacts and check out the apps that they use.


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  1. Joe Bridges
    February 12, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    You can't even sign up for this service unless you have a Linkedin account.