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Most of the travel deal sites on the internet contain deals that are automatically generated. They look more like promotions for the airlines/resorts and many times never portray the accurate picture. BestTravelDeals is a website that aims to offer solution to this problem. It allows real people to post best travel deals they find and let others to comment and vote on those deals.  Each deal has a rating option where members can express their opinion about the usefulness of the deal by clicking “Deal” or “No Deal”.

best travel deals

Anyone can search for deals or browse them by categories (Airline, Hotel, Motel, Cruise, Travel Coupons, Packages, Travel Products, Vacation Rentals, Other and Hot Deals) without registration. However to be able to post, rate and comment on deals registration is needed.

Main Features:

  • Browse through best travel deals online.
  • Share travel deals with other people.
  • Discuss current and upcoming travel deals with other members.
  • Vote a deal as “Deal” or “No Deal” and see how many people have voted.
  • Add other members as friends and share deals with them.
  • Search and browse deals by categories (Airline,  Hotel, Motel, Cruise , Travel Coupons, Packages, Travel Products, Vacation Rentals and Other)
  • Check what deals are most popular in the “Hot Deals” section.

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