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websites-to-share-files-onlineSharing or sending files via eMail is very inconvenient. First of all some files are simply too big to be eMailed. Secondly, when the recipient downloads mail they cannot control when to download the file and for the time it takes until the eMail is transferred they are stuck. And last but not least, someone downloading mail at work may find that some file types are blocked by default, thus they may never even receive the file.

The solution is to put the files online and provide the potential recipients with the download link. But what do you do when you don’t have your own webspace?

You turn to online file sharing websites. There are dozens. Here is a selection of the most convenient ones. They don’t require signing up for an account and provide different options.

File Savr

file savr

At File Savr you can upload files of up to 10GB. There is no public file library, but files may not be considered private as the file name may be guessed. There is no time cap on how long items will be stored, the only limitation being that they must be downloaded on a regular basis.

File Dropper

file dropper


It may not really be the fastest, but along with File Savr it is definitely one of the most convenient free file hosting tools currently on the market. It allows any file type of up to 5GB in size to be uploaded. Files are available publicly and anyone can browse the file database at File Dropper. Files are stored for as long as they are being downloaded.



This is certainly the most popular file hosting destination. While it allows for only 200MB, it provides the possibility to upload up to 10 files simultaneously. Unfortunately, the total sum of files may not exceed 200MB in the case of multiple uploads.



Straight forward file sharing of up to 100MB per file. Unlike all previous hosts, share1t clearly states for how long file will be available: it’s 15 days of inactivity, then the file will be deleted. After a file was uploaded you can copy the URL, have the link sent to an eMail address or copy the HTML or BBCode to embed it on a website or forum. Very convenient!



The file limit with this host is 100MB and the default lifetime is 7 days. A download link and forum link will be provided. Furthermore you can set properties for the file before and after uploading (after only with an account). You can change the file name, increase the lifetime to up to 90 days, add a description and protect the file with a password. The latter is unique among the file sharing hosts mentioned in this article.

We have previously covered ways to upload and share files online.

What is your favorite file sharing host?

Image credits: svilen001

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