5 Ways To Fix A Stuck Pixel On Your Screen

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fix stuck pixel softwareA dead or stuck pixel on an LCD screen or TFT can be incredibly annoying. You’ll be staring at it for days on end, wondering for how long you’ll be without your screen or maybe your entire laptop if you decided to turn it in for repair or replacement. All that grieve over something as unimportant, yet highly irritating as a malfunctioning pixel.

Before you run the item back to the store though, you should try to see whether you can fix it yourself! This, if done carefully, will not hamper your warranty and might save you a lot of time and worries. So let’s see what you can do yourself.

Let me say that any new LCD or TFT monitor should be tested for pixel errors. This can be done simply by running it through a palette of basic colors and black and white in full screen mode. The software, which we’ll get to in a second, can do that.

First let me explain what you may be seeing. Is it just a stuck pixel or is it in fact dead? A stuck pixel will appear in any of the colors that its three subpixels (red, green and blue) can form, depending on their functionality and brightness. In a dead pixel all subpixels are permanently off, which will make the pixel appear black. This may result from a broken transistor, in rare cases however even a black pixel may just be stuck. So if you’re seeing a colored or white pixel, your chances are pretty good and if it’s black, there is still hope.

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Let’s turn to the software now. If you’re not on Windows, scroll down for some online tools!

UDPixel (Windows)

I recommend UDPixel to quickly identify and fix pixels using a single tool. The program requires .NET Framework 2.

fix stuck pixel software

With the dead pixel locator on the left you can easily detect any screen irregularity that may have escaped your vision until now. Should you have identified a suspicious pixel, switch to the undead pixel option, create sufficient amounts of flash windows (one per stuck pixel) and hit start. You can drag the tiny flashing windows to where you found the pixel in question. Let it run for a while and eventually change the flash interval.

LCD (online)

This is one tool that lets you find and eventually fix stuck pixels. It packs many options into a singly tiny window, but once you have an overview it’s straightforward and easy to use.

fix stuck pixel

To test the screen click the small ‘pick a color’ box. The colors you should test are red, green and blue. Additionally you should test white and black. Follow the instructions in the box to gain the best results.

Online Monitor Test (Online)

This is a very thorough test not only meant to identify bad pixels, but also powerful enough to test the quality of your monitor. You can choose between three different modes to test your monitor. This tool either requires flash (online version) or it can be installed in the executable mode.

fix dead pixels laptop

What you will need to just test for stuck pixels is the HTML window. Toggle full screen by hitting F11. What you will see is displayed below.

fix dead pixel

Move the mouse to the top of the test window and a menu will appear. There is an info window that you can turn off with a button in the top right of the menu. Then click on the homogenity test point and move through the three colors as well as black and white. Fingers crossed you won’t discover anything out of the ordinary. In the unfortunate case that you do, you may find the following online tool helpful.

JScreenFix (Online)

Alternatively, and if you’re not using Windows XP, you can use the online tool JScreenFix which launches a Java applet to fix stuck pixel.

fix pixel software

The tool launches a small applet in a separate browser window and you can drag the window to the respective spot or run it in full screen.

Hands On (Offline)

Should none of these tools resolve your pixel issue, there is one last chance. You can combine any of the tools and the magic power of your own hands. There is a very good description of all available techniques on wikiHow. Another great step by step guide can be found on instructables.

But let’s go through one technique real quick:

  1. Turn off your monitor.
  2. Get yourself a damp cloth, so that you won’t scratch the screen.
  3. Apply pressure to the area where the stuck pixel is. Try not to put pressure anywhere else, as this may trigger the creation of more stuck pixels.
  4. While applying pressure, turn on your computer and screen.
  5. Remove pressure and the stuck pixel should be gone.

This works because in a stuck pixel liquid in a subpixel has not spread equally. In combination with the backlight of your screen, this liquid is used to allow different amounts of light to pass through, which creates the different colors.

Should all of these approaches fail to fix your pixel warrior, at least you’ll now know it’s not simple to fix and the LCD may indeed need to be replaced. But please do let us know if these tips helped you to fix your pixels. In any case, good luck!

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Thanks you very much. It’s good !



These techniques are all very practical. I’ve found that if it can’t be fixed with an application or by gently massaging the affected pixel(s), then sometimes you may need to try repeating both processes a few times and be patient. Don’t apply too much pressure when touching an LCD and I encourage using a microfiber cloth so you don’t scratch it.


Yes, using a cloth to prevent scratches is highly recommended.



don’t rub the LCDs



for those really pesky ones, try tapping the screen with your finger



how about some help for the many non-pc devices this happens on, e.g. my ipod


I’m afraid I don’t currently have advice for you. I don’t even know whether the “hands on” technique will work. Regarding the iPod I can only refer you to a forum: http://forums.ilounge.com/showthread.php?t=148919


What do you mean



I have been massaging pixels for years. It has always worked. Stuck pixels always right themselves if pressed firmly enough. You don’t need to turn the screen on while doing it. Just get to where you can see it and push -gently at first and move your finger around it to be sure that at some point you hit it properly. You might need to use a finger nail through a cloth for more accuracy. Apply more pressure if you need to, but it usually won’t take a lot. Don’t be too alarmed at the waves of discoloration at the pressure point. They will disappear when the pressure is released.


Thanks Mystigo, I tried ran UDPixel for over 2 hours trying to get rid of the bright lime green stuck pixel on my lcd tv then I tried what you said and after about 30 seconds of gentle rubbing it disappeared! I’m just so relieved, thanks.



If someone would have told me that before, i would’nt believe it!!

I have just repaired one (the only) dead pixel on my brandnew monitor.
Only by pressing gently with my fingernail during executing the undeadpixel software.

Thanks for the tip!


Bertl if u revived a dead pixel i can find a cure for HIV.

If u did revive a “dead pixel” it was probably a stuck pixel. it also maybe have been dirt, since it was during the software. Just some suggestions, not a dead pixel revived


PC memoirs

I tried the software (Jscreenfix and UDPixel) several times and it didn’t help. I have a brand new toshiba a300. However, when I pressed gently against the affected pixel and turned the screen off and on, the pixel was unstuck. It came back to life! Sometimes it gets stuck again, but with a simple tapping on the screen, it can be repaired!



I seem to have a confused pixel, it doesn’t seem dead (Never lighting up), it doesn’t seem stuck (Constantly one colour) but it changes colour depending on what colour background its on.

On a Red background its black, on a white its turquoise, blue is blue, yellow is green… I am really confused and so is the pixel,

Can Anyone help?!


Hello Mercury,
I’m afraid I have no diagnosis for your pixel. Did you try to fix it as described above?
You may also try to clean your screen thoroughly with a damp cloth, maybe with alcohol. It could be a small droplet of liquid that dried on your screen and is causing this phenomena. Just an idea.
If that didn’t work you should get in touch with the manufacturer of the TFT. Maybe they can tell you what this strange behavior is caused by.
Good luck! And if you find out what it is, let us know!


Thank You for quick reply, I never expected anyone to respond to me! So thank you.

I’ve tried clean the screen and I don’t think I could see alcohol touch my screen (My laptop is very important to me lol) I’ve checked, its not a droplet of water, but good thinking! Oh whats TFT?


Good News! It was a Stuck Sub Pixel, when one of the colours within the pixel dies but the others are fine, I got it fixed :D So alls well that ends well


How did you get it fixed? I have several streaks on my LCD that behave the same way yours did. Guessing that it’s several thousand stuck sub pixels. I’ve tried all the methods described and nothing works.


I had to take mine to Apple and get it fixed, if its still under warranty, they’ll do it for free, as you have so many they might do that for free, unless you have a windows computer, in which case I would send it off to get fixed

Hope this helps ^^


On my 27″ iMac, there is a pixel that is red on white background and black on blue background and pink on grey background, which fits into your description of problem you had.

Did you get it fixed as in “replacing the whole screen” or “fixing that one sub-pixel”?

This is my 3rd iMac exchanged (first one: dead pixel + screen flickering), (second one: dust underneath the glass and a dead pixel).. now one stupid pixel that does not show correct color =/



Sounds like a stuck (or dead) red subpixel, a pixel is made of red, green, and blue subpixels. Our eyes contain cones that detect these wavelengths. Yellow is made of red + green.


is there anyway I can fix it other than the above suggestions? I have tried changing the pixels colour at a fast rate and rubbed it gently but nothing


ain t

i have a unibody macbook and there is something over the lcd screen. you can’t touch it as you do with normal lcd’s. i need to push very hard to to make liquid move, and after a point, i can’t push forward. i’ve tried the java apps and they didn’t work, what shall i do?



I have many dead lines running down my screen. White, blue, green, cyan, red. Tons of them.



How do I fix the dead pixels on a Sony LCD HDTV? They’re blue, you can only see them when the screen is black or dark, I tried UDPixels but didn’t worked, help.



I want to try some of these as my nice new 20″ iMac has a stuck pixel (stays light blue) whic is very annoying but I can’t can’t do the “hands on” method as these computers have a glass cover in front of the LCD. What can I do?



so unfair…seems to work 4 evry1 else but i cant get rid ov myn….it was ther since i first bought the LCD O_o



wat if its in a game consol screen such as a Nintendo DS ,in the case that i have tho oits always a single pixel that is white…. is it likely its a dead pixel that turned white from the backligh?…..



I’ve found that using a pencil eraser to rub the monitor works pretty well.



Try running the screen saver 3-d pipes for a few seconds then click the cancel tab. Goes back to None, or the screen saver you used before…Works for me….



i have a question. i believe i have a stuck pixel. i am trying these repairs as we speak (or type). my new laptop shows a tiny red dot on the screen except white yellow or ofcourse red backgrounds…i think it is confused! any suggestions. im usisn ud right now and i tried jscreen fix and no luck



if it’s a new laptop and if you could not fix it with the help of my article, I suggest you simply ask for a replacement or repair of the laptop. Since the laptop is new, this should be free. But ask first!

Good luck!


Hey Tina,

I tried everything and it worked from Monday until today. I haven’t seen the stuck pixel for 3 days but it came back again. I mean I can see sometimes but if I press the screen where the pixel is it disappears. So my question is: is the stuck pixel always going to be there just won’t be visiable?

Thank you very much




have you tried pushing it and letting the software run over it simultaneously and for an extended period of time?

I could imagine that some crystals were still stuck, although not causing a visible stuck pixel. Over time or while the TFT was turned off, they may have caused another block, which resulted in the stuck pixel to reappear.

Mind you, this is just my wild guessing! I’m not that kind of doctor. ;)

You may just want to keep trying. However, if the TFT is covered by warranty, get it exchanged or fixed by a professional!



i tryed everything i have this little red dot on the bottom right of my lcd and i just took the screen out the box but i do not wanna waist gas going to return it its a emachines monitor do you think i should take it back?


If none of the advice given in my article cures your pixel, call the shop and tell them about the problem and that you would like to return the screen and receive an exchange.

You should call in advance to be sure what the terms are, whether they will attempt to send it in for repair and to make sure they have a copy to exchange.

When you pick up the new/fixed monitor, insist that you can test it in store before you leave.

Maybe you’re lucky and they will offer something to make up for the inconvenience



I noticed a splotch of dead pixels in my HP G60 last night. It was a little bigger than the head of a pin with a thin line dropping. Then I started to think it was getting bigger, so I marked where it was with one of the desktop icons. Then I started to watch Dexter, when the episode ended, the line that was dropping was like an inch bigger! So I got mad and turned off the laptop thinking it would prevent more damage. It wasn’t that bad, I have a 16″ screen, and it was about 1″ into de left side, it would probably be on top of the photoshop tools, thus not interfering with the images. But this afteroon I turned it on again to get some stuff I wanted to watch on my other pc and it was even bigger! it’s thicker now, and almost 3″ long!!! what’s wrong? How did this happen? I was reading about it and I haven’t heard anyone say they spread like this! it’s leaking! And I do not have warranty! it was purchased in another country! I can’t return it! I’ll yell at HP, but I think i’m screwed anyway. Is there a way to stop it from spreading? turning it off didn’t seem to help at all.

Help me, please!


btw, I didn’t try to fix it, I did not rub any pixel.
it’s just leaking, like ink on a napkin.
and it’s definitely dead. I can see the black stain even with the computer off.



Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I tried the JScreenFix for about 20 minutes and saw no result, then decided to try the message method. I wrapped the eraser cap on a pencil with a lens cloth and gently rub the pixel (which is bright green) with the JScreenFix flashing in the background. After about a minute I moved the screen to check and saw the pixel blinking, then disappeared! I cannot believe it! Now I have a perfect monitor!



If your dead/stuck pixel is brand new(or even a few days old), use a new eraser(since they have sharper corners), and gently press the screen where the stuck pixel is, it has helped me nearly every time!



Just another technique that helped to me is spraying stucked pixels with cleaning kit for LCDs and then drying it off using massage with a cloth.

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