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A good, high resolution desktop wallpaper can brighten your day, change your feelings and give your computer or desk a new mood. They also come in many sizes for one, two or even three screens and hi-res wallpaper is also available for mobile devices, like iPhones and the PlayStation Portable.

In this article, a follow-on from fellow MakeUseOf author Karl’s post Best Sites to Download Very High Resolution Wallpapers Best Sites to Download Very High Resolution Wallpapers Read More , we’ll take a look at some great sites you can visit to download great, high resolution desktop backgrounds for your computer.


As seen on the MakeUseOf Directory, DesktopNexus, with a sample of one of their featured hi-res wallpapers below, features all kinds of wallpapers and encourages wallpaper submissions by visitors to their site. Total, their site has almost 80,000 wallpapers in their directory and includes a wide scope of images from categories like technology, entertainment, people, nature, abstract and more.

DesktopNexus also offers a very useful and creative automatic wallpaper-changing tool called “spinwall”, which can also be used to spice up your desktop background with more than just one wallpaper. Visit DesktopNexus here.

hi-res wallpapers



VladStudio, also with a sample featured hi-res wallpaper below, offers a great selection of a more abstract set of wallpapers, including two-screen and some tri-screen wallpapers as well. The site has pictures of more abstract things such as computer-generated maps, moons, etc. It also offers a neat feature – zip downloads of batch sets of wallpapers for specific monitor resolutions. Still, Vladstudio’s selection of offered wallpapers is unique and the site is surely worth a visit. Visit Vladstudio here.

hi-res wallpaper

DualScreen Wallpaper

While not everyone has two monitors, for the large amount of people who still do, and even those who have three monitors, I thought I’d point out a specific-niche wallpaper site I also came across: DualScreen Wallpaper. This site specializes in wallpapers for all kinds, with a cropped sample below, of dual-screen resolutions including 2560×1024, 1920×1600, 1680×1050 and a few others as well. While many images are nature photos, some are animation stills, nature scenery, cars and planets. Most wallpapers can be downloaded as a whole picture, or just the right or left segment. You can view it in the MakeUseOf directory by clicking here, or visit the site with the link above.

Hubble Space Telescope Wallpapers

Finally, if you’re looking for an out-of-this-world type wallpaper like the one below, the Hubble Space Telescope website is another great site to look as well. One of my favorite wallpaper sites and a favorite for all astronomers, the website for the Hubble Space Telescope has a great listing of fairly high-resolution wallpapers that you can grab, all taken from the actual telescope itself. There are pictures available of planets, other galaxies, nebuli and more. And each picture can also be embedded into other websites through their easy embed code.

MakeUseOf also has some great other wallpaper articles on Patriotic Wallpapers 7 Websites for Free Patriotic Wallpaper Themes 7 Websites for Free Patriotic Wallpaper Themes Read More wallpapers with calendars, and many, many other sites over at the MakeUseOf Directory on wallpapers.

Let us know what your favorite wallpaper sites or individual wallpapers are in the comments and spread the desktop background joy!

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  1. Rob
    November 2, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    What about Devian Art? Tons of wallpapers and themes.

    • Steven Rice
      November 2, 2009 at 4:59 pm

      Did you notice how it says "part 2." That's because there was a part one. The first one in part 1 was Devian Art.

  2. Fan no 1
    November 2, 2009 at 4:45 pm