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Yesterday, I was working on a new post about popular tech podcasts. And while on it, I thought why not to integrate some of better tech podcasts to as a service. In other words, to put all popular tech shows in one easy-to-navigate, auto-updated web player. After couple hours of work and another five of frustration with SplashCast media, it was running and functional. (updtae: The player was removed from the page)

Current shows include:

DL.TV (Video, Weekly): For tech fans, by tech fans about what is going on in tech today.

Diggnation (Video, Weekly): Tech/web culture show based on the coolest stories of the week. Definitely check it out.

GeekBrief.TV (Video, 4-5 times a week): Shiny, happy, short (3-5 min), and almost daily tech news podcast. Covers tech news, web services, tips and consumer electronics.

this WEEK in TECH (Audio, Weekly): Weekly overview of latest trends in high tech. Winner of “People’s Choice Podcast” and “Best Technology Podcast” in the 2005.


Mike Tech Show (Audio, Weekly): tech pro Mike discusses latest cool sites, software, tips and tricks that will make you more productive at home and work.

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