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Geeks love their gizmos. That’s why we compiled a list of the best geek gifts of 2016. But not every gift needs to be a gadget. Sometimes, the best gifts revolve around the geek lifestyle.

For example, if you know someone who uses a standing desk, maybe they would like must-have accessories for standing desk users 10 Accessories Every Standing Desk Owner Should Have 10 Accessories Every Standing Desk Owner Should Have Whether you are planning to buy or build your own standing desk, or if you already have one, a standing desk isn't the only thing you need to improve your health in the office. Read More . Geeks love their tech, so give them something to make the most of their devices.

Here are a few non-tech gift ideas to get you started.

1. iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit


Geeks love to fix their own devices as much as possible. iFixit is the internet’s leading DIY repair guide. The engineers there put together an essential toolkit for electronics. The kit includes a 26-bit driver kit, driver handle, driver extension, tweezers, spudger, opening picks, plastic opening tools, suction cup, ruler, and an anti-static wrist strap.

2. Rosewill 45 Piece PC Toolkit



If you’re talking about a geek who loves DIY technology, then instead of iFixit’s toolkit, get the Rosewill 45-Piece PC Toolkit. It’s an excellent gift for the IT support person in your life 13 Awesome Gifts for the IT Support Person in Your Life 13 Awesome Gifts for the IT Support Person in Your Life Want to thank that person in your life who's always helping you with computer trouble? Here are some excellent gift ideas! Read More . All the tools are demagnetized, so they won’t harm any electronics they touch. The kit includes screwdriver (with bits), soldering iron, needle nose pliers, wire cutter, Allen key set, dusting brush, and several other must-have tools for any repairman.

3. Grid-It Organizer

One of the most popular geek accessories for road trips 7 Gifts for the Productive Road Warrior 7 Gifts for the Productive Road Warrior We all want to get more done in less time, but it's especially difficult when you're on the go. Is there a productive road warrior in your life? Read More , Cocoon’s Grid-It has been around for a long time. But it’s not useful just for road trips. The Grid-It keeps gadgets, cables, and other odds and ends organized, whether it’s in your backpack or at home. The simple organizer is the best way to start, but you can check out several variants like the car sun visor version or the laptop cover version.

4. Nerdwax ($20)

Geeks wear glasses with pride and own that “nerd” fashion statement. But those pesky glasses can often slip off the nose. Nerdwax is a simple beeswax-based stick that will help keep the glasses in place. Rub a little bit on the frame where it touches your nose, and you’ll go a whole day without forever adjusting your frames.

5. Sugru Multi-Color 8-Pack

Sugru, the moldable silicone putty, is a favorite among techies. There are myriad geeky things you can do with Sugru 25 Geeky Uses for Sugru 25 Geeky Uses for Sugru Read More , from fixing your headphones to building a rugged case for your smartphone. Amazon has an 8-pack of different colors for $20. You can also pick up an 8-pack of just white and black colors for the same price.

6. BlueLounge CableBox


Cable clutter is one of the major problems in a geek’s life. The BlueLounge CableBox is the solution. It’s an attractive little box that houses a power strip (not included in the package) where you can attach your usual plugs. Let the cables come out of one end, sorted neatly. It’s one of the best ways to deal with MacBook cables 7 Better Ways To Deal With MacBook Cables 7 Better Ways To Deal With MacBook Cables A MacBook Air is a great value laptop, but like any laptop, you still need to plug some things into it. And that quickly leads to cable clutter. Let's clean up, shall we? Read More , or any computer cable clutter. There’s also a CableBox Mini for $27 (£20), if your loved one works on a small desk.

7. Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses

Staring at a computer screen for hours can strain the eyes. There are several ways to prevent computer-related eye strain 4 Ways To Prevent Computer-Related Eye Strain Without Losing Productivity 4 Ways To Prevent Computer-Related Eye Strain Without Losing Productivity Do you spend many hours in front of a computer screen? If you do, you’re probably familiar with the inescapable eye strain that comes with it. Headaches, burning eyes, itchiness and just being tired, are... Read More , but the easiest is to wear a set of computer glasses. Gunnar Optiks is known to be the best for these. These $60 spectacles will defuse the blue light and ultra-violet rays from the screen.

8. Roost Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is essential for your spine. Don’t Break Your Back: 5 Tips For Using A Laptop In Comfort Don’t Break Your Back: 5 Tips For Using A Laptop In Comfort Laptops are small, light and portable. They are also, in a strange twist of fate, often far more uncomfortable than the bulky desktops they replace. Being forced to place the screen, touchpad and keyboard in... Read More Whether you’re standing, sitting, or moving around, Roost’s laptop stand offers the absolute best option. Its versatility makes it ideal for any use, and its three adjustable height settings make it easy to use no matter how tall you are. It’s also a lot lighter and sturdier than it looks.

9. Midea Compact Fridge


Your gamer friend can’t get out of his seat for a can of cola. He has an important quest! Do him a favor and buy him Midea’s compact refrigerator, which will fit under most desks. Reviews call it among the quieter compact fridges out there, which is even better.

10. Tylt Energi+ Backpack

A laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, maybe a smartwatch and a Kindle too–the average geek has a lot of gadgets to carry around, besides all the non-tech stuff. Give him a backpack, and make it one of the best backpacks for techie students Best Backpacks for Techie Students Best Backpacks for Techie Students What are the best backpacks for techie students? Some backpacks include power banks and solar chargers. Others have space for gaming equipment. The best depends on your budget. We've got six of the best! Read More . The Tylt Energi+ includes a 10,000 mAh battery in it. That’s enough to recharge three smartphones!

11. Day-Light Classic Plus Therapy Lamp


Less exposure to natural sunlight leads to depressive symptoms. This is known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) Have A Happy Year -- How To Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder Have A Happy Year -- How To Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder "Happy New Year" wishes can ring false to those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or "Winter Blues". This round-up of tools could help to improve the quality of your life. Read More  and is a common problem among those who don’t get enough sunlight in a day. If that seems like someone you know, then gift them a light therapy lamp to brighten their mood 5 Light Therapy Lamps to Beat Winter Depression 5 Light Therapy Lamps to Beat Winter Depression If your depression only sets in during the winter months, then it's likely seasonal -- and in that case, it may be treatable with something as simple as light therapy. Read More . After extensive research, The Sweet Home recommends the Day-Light Classic Plus. The Center for Environmental Therapeutics encourages its use.

What Are Your Favorite Geek Gifts?

We’re sure there are plenty more must-have geek gifts that we haven’t mentioned here. Remember, we aren’t talking about actual gadgets here.

Tell us things that help you make better use of your technology.

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