The Best Chrome Extensions

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Are you confused by the 65,000+ extensions in the Chrome Web Store? Do you find it difficult to distinguish the best apps from the time wasters? We’re here to help. Below you’ll find a list of the best extensions for Google Chrome, including suggestions from both our readers and our writers.

This list will be updated regularly, so make sure you leave your suggestions in the comments and we’ll consider them next time we update the page.

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Privacy and Security



Ghostery will block tracking cookies and plug-ins on most web sites – giving you the choice of whether you want to allow them. The extension also includes links to each tracker’s privacy policy and gives you its opt-out options. It works on both standard websites and social networks.



This app was named one of the 100 best innovations of the year by Popular Science – and with good reason.

Like Ghostery, it blocks trackers from accessing your information. Unlike other similar tools, it has the added advantage of Wi-Fi and bandwidth optimisation features – thus preventing attackers from using stolen cookies to access personal data without having to know your password.

The develop claims that all its clever features mean that the extension can help websites load up to 27 percent faster when being used.

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Adblock Plus


Adblock Plus (ABP) is the original ad-blocker for Chrome. It’ll filter out everything from banners and pop-ups to Facebook and YouTube ads.

It includes a way to whitelist sites you want to support, and includes a safe filter that’ll support some non-intrusive advertising.

Web of Trust


This is a crowd-sourced tool that rates websites based on a site’s trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety – helping you browse safely. At its core, it lets you avoid sites that are known to be harmful, but like all crowd-sourced software, it should be used with discretion.



Also known as ScriptNo, ScriptSafe is for advanced users only. It works in a similar way to Ghostery, but it much less exclusive. It means you’ll be alerted to almost every script on a website, and disabling them all will make lots of sites fail to load. On the flipside, it’s easy-to-use interface will guide you, making sure you only load the scripts that are needed for the content you want to see.

HTTPS Everywhere


This extension encrypts your web usage to HTTPS whenever possible to help keep your private information safe. It is part of a collaboration between the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation – so you know it’s both trustworthy and safe.



LastPass saves and encrypts your passwords on the LastPass web server, letting you log into websites with a single click.



With 40 million users, AdBlock is one of the most used Chrome extensions. Despite its similar name to the aforementioned Adblock Plus, it’s an entirely separate enterprise run by different people.

A recent update this summer raised some concerns about protection and privacy, so if you’re a security junkie you should probably go for ABP.

Also consider: Personal Blocklist

News and Weather

Feedly Mini


Since the closure of Google Reader, Feedly has become the de-facto leader in the RSS world. While there are other RSS readers that do an excellent job and appeal to certain groups, Feedly offers the best all-round, user-friendly experience. Feedly Mini lets you add pages to your account, save the page for reading later, and share content through the usual channels.

Gravity Highlighter


Let Gravity Highlighter find the content you’ll be most interested in, saving you time and hassle. You just need to install the extension and let it get to work – soon it’ll be highlighting the stories it knows you’ll be most interested in on any given site.

RSS Subscription Extension


Google’s RSS extension will automatically place a RSS subscription button in Chrome’s omnibox when you visit a page that supports RSS. You can add any web-based feed reader to the extension by clicking the ‘Manage’ option in the dropdown box, though you’ll need the appropriate URL for your reader of choice.



The aptly named Weather extension will give you both the current and upcoming weather outlook for your location. You can customise it to show personalised locations and preferred units of measurement.

Also consider: Currently, Weather Watcher Live


Hola Better Internet


Hola lets you see sites that have been blocked or censored in your country, company or school. It works by using VPN technology, thus letting British people outside the UK watch BBC live or US citizens outside America watch Hulu. It’s free to use unlike some other services, and lets you choose the country that you want to use to browse a site from.



Streamus lets you play YouTube videos in the background without having to navigate to the website. It also lets create and manage playlists and pause, play and skip tracks.

Turn Off the Lights

With a single click of the extension button, Turn Off the Lights makes an entire page – with the exception of the video – fade to dark. It’s a neat way to solve the problem of videos embedded on light backgrounds.

Google Cast



If you own a Chromecast dongle, this extension will let you send media, webpages and other content directly from your computer to your television.

Panic Button


Ever need to hide websites when your boss enters the room? Or perhaps when you’re trying to buy an online gift for somebody when that very person sneaks up behind you? Panic Button is the answer. It lets you hide and save all of your opened tabs with a single click – the best part is that they’ll be password protected, so only you can resume the session.

Google Similar Pages


Sometimes you get to the end of an article you’re reading, or have exhausted all the new content on one of your favourite sites, and you wish there was more. This extension helps you discover webpages similar to the page you’re currently browsing – perfect for both research and casual browsing.



Define your interests and find new content. A click on the StumbleUpon extension will either take you to a random page or a specific page within your field of interests.

Also consider: Clock Radio, Live Radio Stations


Black Menu


If you rely heavily on Google’s suite of services, this handy extension will save you a lot of time. When clicked, it will show you a pop-up menu that gives you one click access to all your most-used Google products.



Pushbullet brings your PC and phone closer together. It lets you receive alerts from your Android or iPhone directly in your browser and provides a way to easily share media and other content. You can mute unimportant apps and can also respond directly from your computer for certain apps.



Do you find slideshow sites annoying? How about clicking though multiple pages of search results on Google, Amazon or eBay? This extension solves the problem by presenting all websites as one, continuously scrollable page.

Save to Google Drive


Google’s official Drive shortcut means you can seamless add new content to your Google Drive account with a single click.



This one is aimed primarily at students. It makes bibliography creation easier, letting you quickly create a properly formatted website citation for the APA, Chicago, MLA, and Harvard citation styles. It even allows you to maintain project bibliographies – perfect for not getting bogged down in citations whilst in a creative flow.



Like using the cloud but forget which of the myriad services you stored something on? Synata works as a search tool for your online stuff. It sorts through Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote, Office 365, and Sharepoint, with more services coming soon.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture and Annotate

If you do a lot of online work, this screenshot tool should be an important part of your kit. It lets you capture and annotate portions of webpages that can then be saved locally or in the cloud.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is a browser add-on available for Chrome that lets you schedule emails for a point in the future, even if you’re not online. It’s perfect for automated business replies, not forgetting birthdays, and sending messages at a time when you know the recipient will be available.



Sometimes the formatting or visual distractions of a long article can put you off reading it. Readability solves that problem by removing all traces of adverts, formatting, pictures and alerts – leaving you with a story that’s presented in a plain, clean, and easily-readable way.

Google Translate


The ubiquitous translation tool. It lets you translate whole pages, portions of text, or individual words. The outputs aren’t always perfect, but it’s a must-have for a globally-minded Internet user.



If you are easily distracted and find concentration is a problem, StayFocusd offers a solid solution. You can set yourself a time allowance for particular sites such as social networks, RSS readers or news sites, and once you’ve hit that limit accessed will be blocked. URL Shortener


This extension lets you quickly access the URL shortener – giving you short and portable URLs. It’s particularly useful for long, difficult URLs or for character-limited content such as Tweets.

Also consider: Time Tracker, Any.Do, Checker Plus For Gmail, timeStats, Lazarus Form Recovery


The Camelizer


The Camelizer is the definitive price-checking extension for Chrome, including advanced features like price graphs, price alerts, and price trends for a number of popular online retailers.


Want discounts put don’t want to shop around? Install Honey. It automatically finds and tests coupon codes for more than 100 online stores, and works as you checkout of a site – so you don’t need to shop through third party affiliates.

Add to Amazon Wish List


Fairly self-explanatory. This extension lets you add items to your Amazon wish-list from any website.

eBay Extension for Google Chrome


Addicted to eBay? You’ll need this official browser add-on. It means you’ll never miss a good bargain and you can monitor your existing bids without needing to be logged into the main site.

Chrome Currency Converter


Unlike the Yahoo Currency Convertor extension, the Chrome Currency Convertor automatically changes any figures in a webpage to your desired currency. It’s not only good for shopping, but also reading long-form articles which are quoting prices and figures from around the world.


Google+ Notifications


If you’re one of the increasing number of people who are leaving Facebook behind and finding new ways to use Google Plus, you might find the ability to get notifications from the network without being on the site itself to be very useful.



This extension puts a Hangouts icon next to the omnibox so that your friends and family are always available.

RES – Reddit Enhancement Suite


A must-have for Reddit lovers. It shows you comment karma, gives you username tagging, increases viewing options, and of course removes the need to click through pages thanks to ‘Never Ending Reddit’.

Silver Bird


Once installed, Silver Bird makes it possible to access Twitter functions from a button in the Chrome interface.

Also consider: Buffer, Social Fixer for Facebook, Facebook For Chrome

Tab Management and Bookmarking

Save to Pocket


Formerly known as Read It Later, Pocket helps you manage a reading list of articles from the Internet. The extension lets you save any article to your account with one click, and also allows for both article tagging and offline reading.

It has apps available for several platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, OSX and Blackberry.

Evernote Web Clipper


This spin off of the popular Evernote is so much more than just a bookmarking tool. It not only lets you save webpages, but also random notes, audio, PDFs and videos. You can also make and manage to-do lists and search existing notebooks.

Google Stars / Bookmark Manager


Google’s latest iteration of its bookmarking tool only went fully live in late October, rebranding itself from ‘Google Stars’ to the more mundane ‘Bookmark Manager’ in the process.

Once installed, the add-on replaces Google’s built-in bookmarking tool, incorporating functions such as a way to add image thumbnails and notes, automatic archiving of dead links, and ‘smart’ folder organisation.

If you make the switch, all your existing bookmarks and folders will transfer automatically.



Tab Cloud lets you transfer your browsing session from one computer to another. You can also see saved sessions with a built-in interface.


Designed for people who keep more than twenty tabs open at a time, this extension offers a unique tiled tab interface, tab search and tab restore. It comfortably made our list as one of the top ten best extensions for Chrome tab management.

Awesome New Tab Page


This replaces the normal new tab interface with an attractive, Windows 8 style customisable tile-based interface that can provide quick access to both web apps and web pages.



SimpleUndoClose offers an easy way to restore closed tabs – just click the icon and just which pages you want to reopen.

What Chrome Extensions Do You Love?

Tell us about your favourite extensions. Which Chrome extensions couldn’t you live without?

Last updated: December 8, 2014

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You forgot Zenmate for surfing anonimously….
Also Data Compression Proxy if you have a very weak internet connecion or an small speed connection.
Mailtrack for gmail (it announces you when your email was read).
Youtube Automatic Quality changer


Daniel Price

Thanks Kye. I’ll consider them for the update.



Grammarly- it automatically checks all writing you do within chrome and is very useful
Diigo- allows you to save sites within your own library
Streak- Email tracker, allows you to see who opened your email, when it was opened, what device and OS they were using, and their geographical location down to the neighborhood area.

Dan Price

Yep, Grammarly should have been on here… An oversight!



Some other extentions I use a lot are:
– searchbar: it’s a very efficient way to acces search engines
– magic actions for youtube: gives a lot of options to youtube
– hover zoom: enlarges images
– home – new tab page:

Daniel Price

Thanks Epil. I will look into them.



Dann Albright

I use Evernote, LastPass, and Pocket all the time. Disconnect is a recent discovery, and I’m really liking it. I also use Buffer and Pinterest a lot—I find that they end up saving me a lot of time!



You’ve suggested the wrong Ad-blocking tool. Adblock Plus has a much larger feature set for much more comprehensive protection.

I’d go farther and suggest that you’re recommending the wrong browser. Chrome’s add-on ecosystem remains a distant second in terms of functionality to the expansive options available to Firefox, especially with regard to privacy and security.

Daniel Price


We featured both Adblock and Adblock Plus. Which would you recommend?



For adblocking (and privacy) I can recommend µblock, which claims to use fewer resources than other adblockers.
To quickly share links with your smartphone (e.g. you’re reading an article and have to leave and want to continue reading on your phone) I have been using QR Code generator for ages.

QR Code Generator:


…and I heard Hitler, who was also a Fascist, told one helluva a joke. Doesn’t mean I want to hang with him.


@bnjohanson…so what are you trying to say?


Pushbullet is much easier than QR code to share anything between your devices



Still nothing like Session Manager on Firefox for effective session management. That’s the primary reason I’ve always come back to it after trying Chrome.

Daniel Price

I’ve never used Firefox I’m afraid…

I know, I know……



JP White

I like ‘File Manager’ for Chrome
Another favorite is Application Launcher for Google Drive.
For the geeks, I also recommend Recline CSV Viewer.

Daniel Price

Thanks JP. We’ll consider adding them in part 2.




After trying to cope with a myriad of tabs, I found “One Tab” ( now use it all the time. It is available for both Chrome and Firefox

Daniel Price

Thanks Heber. I will look into it.




i think you Should add YouTube++ to your List its amazing

Daniel Price

Thanks for the tip.




OneTab is another great extension. I have a horrible habit of leaving WAY too many tabs open. This extension lets me remove tabs from system memory into ONE very easy to organize tab. Not only can I group tabs together, but also, move and organize them. I can also name the groups. So if I’m working on a project, I can open all the tabs related to it all at once and then OneTab them all once I’m done.

Daniel Price

“I have a horrible habit of leaving WAY too many tabs open”

Join the club….!




I dropped Adblock Plus in favor of µBlock. Smaller footprint and works better, IMHO.

Daniel Price

A lot of people think the same as you. I need to check it out.




Very Nice List – Keep Them Coming.

Fortunately, Most .CRX Extensions Work With OPERA.

CHROME Is Now My Second Browser, Because GOOGLE Forgot Power Users Have A Choice.

Besides The Default CHROME – Forcing Normal Users Not To Be Able To Use Extensions Outside The CHROME Web Store – There Should Be Another Way For Power Users To Continue To Use Them ( Still Allowed In OPERA – Knock On Wood ).

Oh, Well…


Daniel Price

Thanks for your kind words.



Thank You For Responding.

When Is Part 2 Supposed To Be Issued ?

Daniel Price

Sorry, it’s not so much Part 2 as an update. In couple of months I think, once we have enough new recommendations from you guys and enough exciting new apps have been released to make it worthwhile.




Amazing list! I would also add Instapaper- one of my personal favourites! :)

Daniel Price

Thanks Rob. I’ll investigate.



Rem Raru

TooManyTabs? Are you joking?
just check TabsOutliner:

chrome store link:

Daniel Price

Will do! Thanks.



Rem Raru

TabsOutliner actually completely replace for me Evernote and Pocket.

Although not having a direct ability to save pages or detailed page fragments, it’s effectively solve the problem of putting pages for reading latter or just save tabs links with some short notes of why you do so or what useful there was.

Highly recommend, a real lifesaver for me.

Daniel Price

A replacement for Evernote?! It must be good!

I’ll look into it.



Beth Swantz

My favorite is New Tab to Tasks – Every new tab is your task list from Google mail! Easy workflow tool to keep track of your to do list!!
Love it!!!

Daniel Price

Thanks for the tip Beth!




I have put google chrome on my kindle HD fire (via ES explorer), It seems to be fine apart from it won’t translate foreign websites & I cannot find how to turn this feature on, Would anyone be able to help?

Daniel Price

I dont have a Kindle I’m afraid. Maybe try posting in MUO Answers?


John Smith

I personally recommend RightToCopy, it works great on those sites that block right clicking and highlighting text.

John Smith

omg thank you i’ve been trying to find something like this for so long!!


did you just reply to your own comment? lol anyway thanks for sharing, the extension works great

John Smith

@Alex silly me, i accidentally clicked reply on my own comment!


@John Smith … did you go back in time to post it after you heard about it from yourself? I’m confused.

Daniel Price

Thanks for the recommendation John.




Click & Clean – get rid of cookies temp. files etc. keep chrome clean……

Daniel Price

Thanks Andre.

I’ll consider it for the update.



Donald Trump

Ublock replaces ABP.
– Excellent app by a keen & trustworthy author.

Daniel Price

Thanks Donald. I’ve heard a lot of good things about ublock.



hi , i know its not the right place to post a request, can you write a post on how to use the YouTube++ chrome extension, i looked every where but no one had done one.



Thanks a lot for the very useful list. One more really great extension is “Session Buddy”:

Daniel Price

Thanks Ingo, I’ll check it out.



Jim Jackson

Any discussion of security extensions for Chrome begins with uMatrix. While there is a learning curve the benefits far outweigh any time spent in that regard.

As other posters has stated uBlock, created by the same author of uMatrix, for Chrome has a MUCH lower memory use than the various ablock extensions while at the same time offering more choices for block lists.

I do use Https Everywhere and Last Pass.

WOT is nothing more than crowd sourced user opinions many of which have nothing to do with security or privacy. Chrome’s own Phishing and Malware protection is based on more

I also use PoperBlocker, Random (hide) User Agent, Referer Control (I show the referer of the site I am visiting to also be that site) and Strong Password Generator.

Firefox is no where near Chrome in terms of security mainly because of the process sandboxing which Firefox is about a year or so from using themselves because Chromium (Chrome) is open source.

Daniel Price

Thanks for the recommendations Jim.

We will consider them all for the next update.



Mark Jenkins

Journey for journal writing

Mark Jenkins

Synced with Journey app for Android. Cloud based journal. Recommend it. Very similar to Day One on iOS.

Daniel Price

Maybe we can put that in part 2!




Great list. Here are my favorites:
* uBlock – Gotta block the ads
* Symplie – Great GFM Markdown notepad/to-dos
* Push Bullet – Super convenient notifications
* Pocket – Great for my ‘read-later’ list


Dan Price

I’ve actually switched to uBlock after all the recommendations on here. Great so far…



Jack Lee

Try this one. Open a tab and write down whatever you want: Todo list, inspiration, memo… It saves right in time for you and you can see what you wrote on each tab. Very convenient and simple.



I recomend Clearly. It transforms the content of a page by removing all the ads and formats everithing nicely. The pics remain contained in the article.
The only disadvantage for me is that you cannot cusomize the way the articla is formatted then.


Dan Price

I hadn’t come across that one before, sounds great! Thanks!



ublock- (u as in utorrent) very lightweight adblocker
flatit- makes the reddit UI much more modern and streamlined, however does not move anything. Just makes it look a bit more modern.
Auto HD for YouTube- There’s a plethora of autohd extensions out there, but they all do relatively the same thing. Must have for anyone with a halfway decent internet speed.
Google Quick Scroll- You know how when you google something you see small parts of that webpage. Often after follow the link you spend ages trying to find the relevant text. Google Quick Scroll lets you jump to parts of the webpage relevant to your search.


Dan Price

Quick Scroll sounds really good, thanks aew3!



OneNote Clipper



Dont forget “Magic actions for youtube”, “One Tab”, “Clic&Clean”, “Speed Dial2″, “Momentum”, “Yet Another Drag and Go”, “Image-Toolbar”, “Block Site” , “Hover Zoom” and “Better History”
There are excelent apps too.

Your comment