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If there’s any one thing that has penetrated our computers and mobile phones in droves in recent years then they are “apps.” Yes, apps! Productivity apps, game apps, to-do apps and what not. Beintoo is a social site that wants to help you discover new apps, connect with passionate users and build a community around app sharing. Find new apps, review them, connect with others, see what they are using, share your experiences with them, and also earn virtual rewards that can be exchanged for real goods in their sponsor stores.

discover new apps

The virtual currency that you earn by discovering new apps are called Bedollars and they can be redeemed through prizes in the apps too. You can share your Beintoo activities across different social networks easily.


  • Discover and share new apps
  • Participate in the community and connect with people passionate about certain apps
  • Earn both virtual and real rewards

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