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Behold is a Flickr search engine with two distinct features. Firstly, it searches only for high quality Flickr images, so that you don’t have to sift through poorly taken pictures. Secondly, unlike Flickr’s own image search that searches for images only by tags and filenames, Behold searches for images at a pixel level using technique called “automated image annotation”.

To put it simply, it processes each image and identifies the type of visual concepts present within the image (animal, beach, car, cloud, face etc). It allows for better filtering of image search results according to your needs.

Image search results for pictures tagged “coast” that look like “beach

high quality image search

Image search results for pictures simply tagged “coast”

high quality image search flickr



  • Search only high quality Flickr images.
  • Search inside Flickr images.
  • Similar sites: LiteFlick, CoolFlick, MultiColr and FlickrBabel.

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