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Awesome online application that lets you easily cartoonize photos and videos. Turn videos into cartoons, create digital painting out your pictures, create animated avatars and more.

beFunky - Cartoonize Your Photos and Videos

beFunky Features

  • Turn your photos into digital paintings and comic style animated cartoons.
  • Convert videos into cartoons (see demo below).
  • Create and enhance cartoonized avatars: Choose between different background scenes, clothes and accessories, hairstyles, etc.
  • Warp tool: push and pull any area of an image (enlarge lips, reduce nose size, etc.).
  • Get a black and white pencil drawing of any photo.
  • Embed your beFunky stuff on your blog or profile pages.
  • Invite up to 100 friends to beFunky.
  • Ask for tips and suggestions from beFunky community.

Cartoon Version of the Movie “300” (using

Check out beFunky @

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