Beeple: Beautiful 3D Animation, Downloadable Templates & Free Visual Loops [Stuff to Watch]

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Beeple is the name by which graphic artist, 3D animator, musician, director and all-round skilled practitioner of visual awesomeness, Mike Winkelmann of Wisconsin, USA. Mike is pretty well-versed in a range of software including Cinema 4D and Illustrator, industry-standard stuff for creating beautiful static and motion graphics.

Mike has had films shown at festivals, is friends with a few high-up music producers and seemingly can’t be left alone for five minutes without creating some sort of art. He’s even published a book documenting the best of over 2000 days worth of doodles, digital art, photography and 3D graphics.

His work is a treat for the senses, and you can learn from example as well as downloading some visual loops for use in video projects, VJ sets and more.

Short Films

Mike’s “Films” page on his website is a simple collation of his Vimeo videos, though the endless stream of “Staff Pick” awards that adorn each preview speak volumes for the quality. The films happily marry both visuals and audio, with music playing a large part in each production. There are a set of what Mike has titled “Instrumental Video” productions, the most recent of which is embedded below.

In 2010 Mike created a music video for Flying Lotus for their song titled Kill Your Co-Workers. The video is somewhat disturbing thanks in part to its unique art style, though it’s also strangely upbeat considering the subject matter and music behind it.

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Continuing the theme, “Instrumental Video Nine” follows a similar pattern visible throughout a lot of Mike’s work, the creation of music using machines. Every sound in the video below is represented by a visual element, be it a laser, hammer or visual disturbance.

Another video which shows off Mike’s skills and attention to detail is “subprime” in which all the animation was done by hand. The film is presented from an isometric perspective, with a constantly rotating camera following the construction of bigger and more elaborate houses in the typical Beeple style.

Typography geeks rejoice, this animation created by Mike in 2005 is font-tastic (sigh) treat. Using a similar “video = music” style, the Century Gothic typeface is used to excellent effect in this instrumental video.

You can check out the rest of Mike’s short films on the archives page of the Beeple website.

Free Visual Loops

The following videos are embedded samples of what Mike creates and releases for free under the guise of VJ loops. While it’s true that they could be put to great use by a skilled VJ, there’s no reason you can’t use them in video projects, as visualizations for music or just for gawping at if you need some inspiration.

Brainfeeder VJ Pack Vol.1 (10 clips, templates included)

four.color.process VJ Pack (10 clips, templates included)

Various Downloadable Clips

Check out the full list @ Beeple VJ Loops


You can download the template files for a lot of Mike’s work, including a good number of his short films. The files are Cinema 4D templates, and some of the offerings include both videos in the “Instrumental Video” series featured above, the Flying Lotus music video and “subprime” as well as the visual loops.

Download templates @ Beeple Resources

What do you think of Beeple’s work? Have you used Cinema 4D, or tried your hand at motion graphics before? Do you have any good uses for the free VJ loops? Let us know what you thought of this article in the comments, below.

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