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Being the titilating tweeting twitterer that I am, I figured it was time for another brief round-up of some Twitter tools Tools, Apps and Bots to Improve your Twitter Experience Tools, Apps and Bots to Improve your Twitter Experience Read More that have been doing the rounds in cyberspace recently. Twitter seems to be going from strength to strength and web developers are coming up with even more innovative ideas for Twitter web programs and software tools.

Here are a few that have caught my eye recently :


This interesting service seems to be trying to make a dent in Pownce‘s bubble. Or look at it another way – imagine sending out one big private email to everyone – or one big SMS. Now you get an idea of what GroupTweet is all about.

GroupTweet is for when you want to send out instant private messages to a select group of people. You would set up an exclusive Twitter account, send the private messages to that Twitter account as a Direct Message (which keeps the messages out of the Twitter public timeline) and GroupTweet then re-sends the message to everyone in the group as a new private message.



TweetScan is a real-time search engine for latest Twitter postings. Want to find out more about what you have just read or heard in the news? Wondering if your favorite website is actually down? Tweetscan is the fastest way to look it up. Enter your query and see if anyone reported anything similar.


twubbletopleft.gif Twubble markets itself as a site that can find more Twitter users for you to follow, based on who you are already following.

Provided you’re already logged into your Twitter account in your browser, Twubble will then search through your followers, analyze who your followers are following and then list those followers for you so you can follow them yourself. It’s fast and seems to work quite well.

For password security reasons, I wouldn’t recommend following someone through Twubble (that involves signing into your account again) but instead you can click on a user to be taken to their Twitter page where you can request to follow them there. Much more secure.

[NO LONGER WORKS] Twitter Answers

twitteranswerslogo.gif OK, it isn’t as good as Yahoo Answers but it’s still an amusing way to pass the time. If you want to ask a question on any subject, you can Twitter the question to Twitter Answers and people will answer it for you (hopefully).

You can also set up your mobile phone and IM settings to have new questions automatically sent to you – helpful if you’re sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, bored out of your skull and you’ve read all the magazines. Now you can be sent a SMS with a Twitterer’s questions on “the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten” or “what you consider to be the best joke ever”. Personally I’d rather chat up the doctor’s receptionist.


strawpolllogo.gif This one is a quick daily fun questionnaire on Twitter. You’re given a choice of two answers and you can choose your answer and also make a comment. You can then view the results later on the website. It’s easy to do and a nice little five minute diversion from your day. The website is also nicely designed.

Have you found a cool new Twitter service which has recently started up? Let us know the link in the comments!

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