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If you are musically creative, you can use numerous web apps to put your talents to use and create musical beats. One such application is the extremely user-friendly online beat creator, BeatLab.

create beats online

BeatLab is a free to use web service that lets you easily create beats and share them. You can start by connecting your Facebook account with the service. Next you hover your mouse pointer over the boxes to see which type of sounds they produce and click on the ones you want played.

create cool beats

Sounds are played one column at a time, with the columns in sequence. You can control the speed of your beat through given buttons at the top. You can also add more sound options by selecting through the site’s sounds list or by uploading new sounds.



The beats you create can be saved. They are published under a unique URL that can be shared with your friends so they can check out your beats. The site also holds a ‘beat battle’ in which beats are competed with one another.


Check out BeatLab @

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