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Are you quick with the keyboard? Do you think you will perform well in a game that tests your speed? If yes, then Google’s new game called “Beat the Boot” is just what you should check out.

Beat the Boot: Test Your Speed With Google’s New Game [Chrome] Mustache

Beat the Boot is a simple collection of games, offered as a browser extension for Google Chrome. There are various games that test your basic quickness with the keyboard. For example, there is a game in which you have to drop eye-drops into a moving eye by pressing the space bar when you are in position. Another game presents different shapes and asks you to pick the moustache in them. All games are timed and your scores can be shared online. Good performances are awarded badges by the game.

Beat the Boot: Test Your Speed With Google’s New Game [Chrome] Speed


  • A user-friendly browser tool.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Offers various games to test your basic keyboard speed.
  • Lets you share scores online.

Check out Beat the Boot @ 


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