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Something many users may not be aware of is that when a photo is shared on social networks with an iOS device, the quality is greatly reduced. For example, a photo shared to Facebook goes from the device’s native 8MP to .7MP. This is a major quality loss. Why have a device with such a good camera if others who see your photos see a low quality version?

Well, with Beamr, that’s not a problem. It uses a new technology to share your photos on social networks without reducing the image quality.

quality photo sharing

The app uses a new technology called JPEGmini. This allows it to share photos over cellular networks without reducing the quality of the pictures. The optimized technology allows the photos to be uploaded really quickly. This allows you to keep your photos as beautiful and sharp as when you first took them.


With this app, you can create personalized photo magazines and share them on Facebook and Twitter. This cool feature lets your photos tell a story. Of course, they too will remain at full resolution, so your friends and family will be able to see them the way you intended.



  • Share photos from iOS devices at full resolution.
  • Uses advanced tech to upload images fast.
  • Create custom photo magazines and share on Twitter and Facebook.

Find Beamr on the iTunes App Store

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