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arcHeadDo you love home design? Maybe you are moving into a new place and want to lay it out before you move in to see where everything should go. What do you do to achieve this goal without a budget? Auto Cad costs a small fortune and there are not many other options.

I can think of all types of situations this would help with. A friend of mine is in this exact situation. They are going to be doing some renovations themselves and they have almost no budget. How do they draw up plans? Right now it is on graph paper and nowhere near printed to scale.

I looked and I looked and could not find much. But then it happened… Just like that I found a program that is either installable or available via the internet that lets you virtually plan out rooms. It is called Sweet Home 3D. We will be looking at the web version today which is located at Sweet Home 3D.

Did I mention it works on Mac and Linux as well? Well it does, so I hope that calms down some of you who feel we leave you out ;)

Let’s take a look at how it works. When you first arrive here, you will see this screen. Note you can register to save your design or if you are a privacy nut feel free to design and run!

virtual room plans


So, you have items you can add on your left hand side and the grid to put them on on your right hand side. I cropped some of the screen off so you could see it better in our limited width here. Select an item from the left and its dimensions appear below like so:

virtual room planner

create virtual house plans

Then you can drag your item to anywhere on your grid. You can start virtually planning out rooms or start by laying out windows and walls. It is very easy. On top of that you can modify the size of each object so it can relate to your real world situations. Just double click on the dimensions and you will see this screen:

create virtual house plans

You can check the check box to display the name you give the item or leave it alone to suppress it. there are so many options to play with for each item including angle, elevation as well as color, mirrored shape or hidden (visible). Next let’s drag some items to our canvas.

Here is me adding some bathroom fixtures and a door.


And here is some more creativity:


You see, as I add the items in the top portion, it is rendered below so you can get a feel for it. Excuse me as I go design my pseudo playboy mansion. Maybe I could let some Sims live in it until I can afford it.

Do you know of any free autocad virtual room planners that are easy to use and have a small learning curve? We would love to check it out as well. Leave comments, thoughts or death threats in the comments kids!   In the meantime, check out these equivalents by Anthony 3 Floor Design Services to Decorate and Plan Your House 3 Floor Design Services to Decorate and Plan Your House Read More and by Ryan Create a House Floor Plan with FloorPlanner Create a House Floor Plan with FloorPlanner Read More .

Sweet Home 3D

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