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The London 2012 Olympics is being viewed by countless people via television and the Internet. While watching those athletes, you might have wondered where your own body is ranked amongst the other athletes. Here to help you determine precisely that is the BBC’s tool called “Your Olympic Athlete Body Match”.

olympic athlete rankings

“Your Olympic Athlete Body Match” is a free to use online tool that helps you rank your body amongst that of the other Olympic athletes. The ranking is not a number-based one. What you are given is a scatter plot on which you will find the heights and weights of all current Olympic athletes. You can type in your height in meters or feet and weight in kilograms, pounds, or stone and find out where your body is positioned on the graph.

To view which athletes you come near to, you can click on one of the yellow dots and view the athlete’s information loading up in the right pane of the web app.

your olympic athlete body match


  • A user-friendly web application.
  • Lets you rank your body with that of Olympic athletes.
  • Factors in your height and weight.
  • Lets you input height and weight in various units.
  • Provides information of athletes plotted on scatter plot.

Check out “Your Olympic Athlete Body Match” @

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