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The Internet has been made a knowledgeable place thanks to numerous developers and companies creating educational tools. Adding to this list of informative apps is “A Brief History of Time-Zones” by the BBC.

history of time zones

BBC A Brief History Of Timezones is a collection of different tools that educate the visitor about time and timezones. An interactive globe lets you view time in different parts of the world. You can also click on the available links to read relevant articles and view interesting videos, all relevant to timezones.

history of time zones

Other sections of the site include a collection of BBC reports relevant to time and timezones.


The site also publishes experiences of people and how different timezones affect their lives.

Overall, the site is a fun tool for anybody who wants to find out more about timezones. For other people too, the videos, articles, interactive globe, and people’s experiences will be interesting as well as informing.


Check out “A Brief History of Time-Zones” @

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