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We know Battlefield from other games of the franchise; Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, Battlefield 2, and so on.

Most shooter fans know these games by name, and have played at least one, and possibly even several of them. The Battlefield games have always been popular, and enjoyed by masses, but the latest game, Battlefield Heroes, heads in another direction.

Not only does DICE abandon the more serious looks of the franchise with a more comical approach, this latest instalment of the series is the very first one to be released for free. It now seems that even the bigger players are starting to play around with the possibilities of the free, ad-supported world.

The game is still in Beta, but has recently begun accepting applications. View how to obtain your beta-key here. Read on to discover more about the game.

Battlefield Heroes

It becomes apparent quickly that DICE means business differently this time, with the game adapting a brand new look. The comical visuals differ widely from the high realism we know from the past. The looks manage to bring a much lighter air about the game, making an easier match for the less powerful systems, and creating a loose and at times ‘funny’ experience.



In this multiplayer First Person Shooter, you look through the eyes of a Hero, belonging to either the Royal, or the National Army. Though not in letter, the factions can’t help to resemble the Allies and Axis of World War II.

You can create up to four different heroes, with different factions, classes and appearances. Mind your choice though, as deleting heroes is not possible for the time being.


There are three available classes, the same three for both factions;  Soldier, Gunner and Commando.

Which of these classes you choose depends on your way of playing. As I said before, you can create four different heroes, so you can go for a test drive with each one.

The Soldier is the most basic character type. He has an average strength and inflicts damage with rifles, SMGs, shotguns or grenades.

The Gunner is of a heavier class. He is stronger, but also slower. He resorts to weapons of the biggest caliber, like machine guns or bazookas.

The Commando is the sneaky bastard. He becomes invisible and sneaks up to the enemy. His attacks are much more weighed and very specific, often stalking and kniving opponents. He must strike at once, or lose his advantage.


The Game automatically pairs you with an available game, suiting your current skills. Alternatively, you can also join a friend if you know his username.

The game revolves around one major play type, node capturing. Several nodes are spread over the map. By entering and remaining in the near vicinity of the a node’s flag, you can both disown an enemy’s area, and name it your own. The ultimate objective is to hold all nodes in your team’s possession.

There are several maps, aimed primarily at vehicle or infantry battles, or both. This aim largely determines the rest of the map as well. As you can imagine, a map with planes will be much bigger than one with nothing but infantry.

Missions and Abilities

Missions spices up your gameplay, and can gain you Hero Points or Valor Points (more on the latter one below). These missions are specific achievements, like reaching a certain number of kills in one play, and can be activated three at a time.

Using your Hero Points, you can obtain and upgrade certain Abilities. These range from healing yourself to blasting back all nearby enemies and vehicles with a makeshift forcefield. Training these abilities makes you stronger in battle, and allows you to take part in the harder games.

Valor Points, Battle Funds and The Store

Valor Points and Battle Funds are both currencies used in the game’s store. The difference lies in how they’re obtained and where they can be spent.

Valor Points (VP) are obtained while playing the game and can buy you new and advanced weaponry, emotes and widgets.

Battle Funds (BF) are bought with your credit card. They’re not a necessity, but you’ll need them to buy clothing, and certain emotes and widgets.

In Short

In short, Battlefield Heroes is a new, comical instalment of the popular Battlefield series. The game entertains you with its comical looks and the node capturing gameplay. Fun to play, hard to let go. Get your beta key now!. Normally, beta keys are handed out within a day or two so you don’t have long to wait.

What do you think of the game? A change for the good or one leg in the grave? Tell us in the comments.

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