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Web developers have made use of Google Maps in a number of ways but “Battlecell” is perhaps is one of the few games where Google Maps was used to create a game.

Battlecell is a new and impressive MMORPG. Signing up and playing the game is absolutely free. The game combines elements from chess, GO, and StarCraft in the sense that it requires thinking but expands over a very large arena.


The game places you in a time where governments and economies have collapsed and it is every man for himself. The world, obtained through Google Maps, is divided into 55 million cells. You need to occupy land to survive.

You start out with one cell and as time passes, you earn credits to purchase soldiers and other means to take over other cells. When you sign up, a PDF manual is sent to you which includes all the details of the game and how to play it.


  • A great MMORPG based on Google Maps.
  • Combining elements from various games, Battlecell is highly enjoyable.
  • If the controls get confusing, help and manuals are always available.

Check out Battlecell @

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  1. Rob
    August 10, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    Very cool. Reminds me of a modern version of the old game Risk, but real-time multiplayer.