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If you want your website to have a map of some geographical locations pointed out, chances are you will head on over to Google Maps. You will find a map there for each location then go through the painstaking process of merging the individual maps. With BatchGeo, none of that needs to be done.

map spreadsheet data

BatchGeo is a free web service that takes a number of location addresses as inputs, then generates a map with those locations already pinpointed. The data which users enter is similar to a spreadsheet format, having rows and columns.

After pasting locations from the spreadsheet all you have to do is hit the ‘Map Now‘ button and everything else is automated.

BatchGeo is one web service that will surely be helpful to many internet users.

map spreadsheet data


excel spreadsheet addresses


  • Does not require users to open each location’s map individually.
  • Auto detects the locations, produces a collective map, and points them out.
  • Includes other features (like Reverse BatchGeo) as well.
  • Includes video tutorials on how to use the site’s services.
  • Similar tool: Mapalist

Visit BatchGeo @

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