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If you want to be able to batch-reply to emails in Gmail, then there’s a new Chrome extension you should try – Batch Reply For Gmail. It adds a simple button into the Gmail interface which lets you reply to multiple emails with the same response.

batch reply gmail

This Batch Reply For Gmail extension is incredibly useful if you often receive lots of emails about the same thing. For instance, if you are an event manager who is always asked for ticketing information.

The extension is a step on from the Google Labs “Canned Response” in that all the replies can be sent at once and be customised each time.To use it, check several emails and click on the new “Reply” button in Gmail to the right of the “More” drop-down list.

batch reply gmail


  • Makes it easy to reply to several emails with the same response in a batch.
  • Respond using a “Reply” button within Gmail.
  • Works with installation of a Chrome extension.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.

Check out Batch Reply For Gmail @

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