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Looking to create your very own online banner ads? With the Web, it doesn’t take much at all to have a banner ready to go in just minutes. You don’t have to buy any special software and no design experience is necessary either with Bannersketch.

The free tool allows you to quickly and easily create online banner ads for your product, service, or whatever you’d like to promote. Everything is highly customizable and best of all, it doesn’t have to cost you a dime!

Let’s get started and find out how to create online banner ad with Bannersketch.

create online banner ads

First off, you’ll need to choose a banner size or template. All of the standard advertising sizes are there as presets, so you can either select from those or feel free to come up with your own height and width for the banner.


create online banner ads

In step two, a preview will be displayed above as you pick a background color or gradient. Don’t worry about the watermark. It’s just temporary and the final product will be completely branding-free, a big plus compared to other free banner generators. Select a color for the top and bottom of the banner by typing in a value or using the color picker. Be sure to hit the little green refresh icon to update the preview.

create online banner ads

If you want more than just colors in the background, you can also use a custom background by uploading an image file of your choice.

Next up are frames and text. If you want a static (not moving) banner, choose just one frame. Otherwise, more than one is a GIF animation (check out AnimationOnline: Instant Ad Banner Generator). Then select the number of lines of text you’d like.

The rest of the page is dedicated to editing the text. Start out by typing the text into the appropriate lines. On the right side, you can edit the text size and configure your shadow or outline settings. Clicking the “A” icon on the left-hand side of the entry boxes opens up the fonts window, which has a wide selection to choose from.

how to create an ad for a website

Next, you can edit the text colors for each line, along with adjusting the position. Just move the sliders left or right to move the text either side to side or up and down to your liking. You can then adjust the rotation of the text lines as well. Be sure to hit the “Save current settings” button at the bottom, right-hand corner when you’re finished.

how to create an ad for a website

Now you can move on and add a solid color border around your banner if you wish. Edit the border width, color, and save changes.

how to create an ad for a website

Once you’re pleased with everything, head over to the Generate tab and type in your name and email address. Bannersketch will promptly send you the banner you just generated without the watermark to download for free. Included in the email will also be a link to the banner’s HTML, forum/BB, and MySpace codes.

How do you create your own online banner ads? Do you know of any other good free generators? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Jolante

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  1. Excavator12
    April 11, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Excellent! I was just about to upgrade my Wix account to get rid of their advertisement within my advertisement....