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Various online platforms such as blogs, social networking sites, and social bookmarking sites allow us to publish and share individual links to interesting webpages to our contacts or followers. However, wouldn’t it be better if you could publish more than one link about a particular topic?

BagTheWeb takes a fresh approach to web publishing tools. This website lets you create Bags, which is a collection of weblinks. You can use them to collect, publish, and share relevant web content about anything and everything.

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Creating a Bag is a very simple process. Once you sign up and log in, add a title and a description for your Bag. At this point you can choose to make your Bag private if you don’t want your friends to see the Bag that you are creating.

Then the next step is basically managing everything that you want to be shown in your bag. Add an image, post webpage links and their description, and link to other Bags that may be relevant to your topic.

BagTheWeb also provides you with search results of webpages and other Bags relevant to yours so you can easily add content that you may have missed. Once you are done, you can publish your Bag to your websites.

aggregate links

Aside from creating bags, you can also explore other interesting bags created by users. Add comments, bookmark bags, or share them by e-mail or via Facebook. You can also follow other users on the website to keep track of their latest Bag that they publish in your own bagstream.

aggregate links

BagTheWeb is an easy-to-use, straightforward web content-sharing platform that is ideal for casual users who have no time to learn the mumbo jumbo of setting up a blog or a website.

aggregate links


  • Aggregate links and share easily.
  • Link other relevant bags to the one that you created.
  • Bag pages easily using the bookmarklet.
  • Embed bags to your website.
  • Explore other bags created by users.
  • Comment and bookmark other bags.
  • Follow other users and recommend bags for them.
  • Add hashtags to bags in comments or recommendations.

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