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When going on a trip, having a checklist for your packing can be greatly helpful. You start creating your travel packing lists and keep adding things to it as the trip’s date nears. Before heading out you can check the list to see if you missed packing something. The entire process can easily be done online using BagCheckr.

travel packing lists

BagCheckr is a free to use website with a user friendly interface. Its aim is to help travelers create packing checklists.

You start by registering for a free account on the site; next you create a new list, name it, and choose to make it public or private. Good packing lists that are public will remind other visitors on BagCheckr of the items they did not think of packing.

You add an item to your list by naming it, specifying its quantity, and optionally entering its weight. You can total the weight of all items at the end and check whether you are within the luggage weight limits of the airlines you are travelling through.

vacation packing lists


You can make additions and omissions to your list anytime. When done, you can print them out or download a PDF version.


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