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Last week we asked you how many operating systems you use How Many Operating Systems Do You Use? [MakeUseOf Poll] How Many Operating Systems Do You Use? [MakeUseOf Poll] Last week we tried to work out how many computers resided in the average MakeUseOf household. Most of us seem to have 3-5 computers per house, although there were nearly as many people with 5-10... Read More regularly. Most MakeUseOf readers answered that they use two operating systems in the average week.

Within the 783 votes, we got this breakdown: 32% used two operating systems; 27% used three operating systems; 13% used four operating systems; 12% used one operating system; 7% use 6-9 operating systems; 7% use five operating systems; and 2% use more than 10 operating systems.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

So, most people reading MakeUseOf use two to three operating systems per week.

This week’s poll question is: How Many Backups of Your Important Data Do You Have?


Think about those files of yours you care most about and tell us how many places you’ve backed them up. Is it across multiple computers in your house? At work? Several USB sticks? Emailed to yourself? On a DVD at a friend’s house? In the cloud?

So, tell us about your backup solution. What mix of cloud/offsite/local backup do you consider safe for your important files? How does that compare to what you actually do? Let us know in the comments!

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