Backup Box: Easily Transfer Files From Dropbox To FTP & Vice Versa

By default, Dropbox does not allow users to use FTP programs to transfer files back and forth from Dropbox to FTP and vice versa. This is exactly where Backup Box comes into action.

Backup Box   Backup Box: Easily Transfer Files From Dropbox To FTP & Vice Versa

Backup Box is an online tool that allows users to connect tools like FTP and Dropbox together and transfer files from FTP to Dropbox and vice versa.

The service just requires the users to give them permission to their Dropbox and FTP accounts and files can be transferred from one place to another without breaking a sweat. The website has a simple interface, which makes it easy for the users to make the transferring of files easier. On the side, your Dropbox and FTP accounts are displayed with their directories. The complete folder or the contents of a folder can be transferred back and forth.

Just click the “Review” button once you have finalized everything to transfer the files from one place to another.


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I was very impressed by the layout and how easy it was to use!  Transferred my files quickly and securely.  After trying it out for a while I decided to go with the automated daily backup to ensure I never lose anything.  Awesome program and I highly recommend!


The best if ound in the bussines is blackbox, heres a gret example of it: