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During the early days of the Internet, we relied on portals and personalized homepages to get a snapshot of what was happening on the web. But even though we have moved away from portals, they are still very useful today. Backstitch is the newest version of a smart portal, adding data from your social accounts and connecting them semantically for a better, more unified experience.

Classifying Backstitch as a portal is actually selling it short, because it is so much more. To start, it will prompt you to enter your social media accounts, and choose news websites or social deals that you want to subscribe to. You can also enter read-later services like Readability and Instapaper.

Backstitch will call the APIs available from the account you entered to fetch data and display it in a consistent, boxed, layout. You can check out your news feed, tweet timeline, photos shared on Instagram, your most recent articles in Readability, and many more. You can expand each box for a full view, and click on articles to allow you to read them in a clean, unified layout.

You can also add RSS feeds of your favorite websites. Backstitch’s responsive layout also makes easy to view for your mobile device. Once you have configured it to your liking, you will get a homepage that is relevant and speaks only to you, allowing you to do more with the web and get information on the go.


  • Connects social feeds and puts them in one place.
  • Subscribe to websites to read latest items.
  • Drag and drop tiles .
  • Change between pattern view and thread view.
  • Strips out unnecessary layout and fetch only what is important in reading view.

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