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Verifying the identity of your mobile contacts on the go can add a layer of security for you. Background Check is an iPhone application that lets you run a background check on people by entering their name or their e-mail address.   This very handy app can help you locate people, view their criminal records (if any), public records, and property information.
run a background check

Using the data from the website BeenVerified, this app lets you run a check on everyone in your address book. In addition, you can enter their e-mail to check their social networks accounts and photos online to verify the identity of the person. Background Check is a free download from the iPhone app store. The free plan allows you to make three queries a week but you can sign up for a Been Verified account and pay $8 for unlimited access.


  • Run a background check on people using your iPhone.
  • Locate people, check for criminal records, public records and property information.
  • Search for people using their name or email.
  • Conduct a background search on all of your contacts.
  • Checks people in various social networks as well as their photos in the internet.
  • SImilar tools: CrimeReports and SpotCrime.

Check out Background Check @ iTunes App Store

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