Back To School? How To Organize Your Classroom Work With Evernote

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School time can become stressful for both students and teachers, especially in high school and later in college. Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial that you stay as organized as possible so that you know where to find the information you need and make things as easy as possible for yourself. As you can see from all of the features detailed in our Evernote manual, Evernote is a fantastic tool to take care of all of this as there are many reasons to use Evernote, so here are a few tips which you can use to get an advantage in school.

Lecture Notes

Of course, the most obvious tip is to use Evernote for your lecture notes. It’s simply way of writing everything down in an easily accessible location, which can also be searched for important keywords. Evernote also has different notebooks and “stacks” (groups of notebooks), so you can have a notebook for each class, and a stack for each year or semester. Best of all, Evernote is a great choice for lecture notes because all of your Evernote notes are accessible via the mobile apps as well. There’s even a handy comparison between Evernote and OneNote on Android. What’s more convenient than to pull up some lecture notes on your smartphone for that last minute cram session before the big test?

If your teacher uses presentation slides during their lectures, and they make them freely available to the class, you can download those presentations and attach them to your notes. Not only could this potentially cut down on the amount of notes you need to take, but it also is a convenient to have all of your class material in one place.

One of the simplest uses could be to use your phone camera and snap a photo of the whiteboard with all the notes. Evernote’s text-recognition feature makes every image searchable. If possible, do it after class if it’s not allowed by the teacher!

Since Evernote also supports audio notes, why not record what your teacher or professor is saying while you’re typing out notes? There are always instances when your teacher says something that you might miss or forget if you don’t have an audio recording.

The same tip can be applied for teachers as well — they can use Evernote to organize the topics they want to cover for each class session. They can even share the notebook with students if they like.

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Why stop at just lecture notes? If your class requires you to complete a research project, you can use tools like the Evernote Web Clipper to save snippets of useful information into a note. You can do similar things with items you find offline such as in a textbook — just snap a picture with the Evernote app on your smartphone, and Evernote will do its magic on the image to make it searchable. This is useful not only when it comes to organization, but it can also be useful when you can only refer to textbooks while at the library and not borrow them.

For teachers, this feature can be just as important. You can use the Web Clipper for taking pictures of cool ideas, educational material, and more to keep track of ideas.


It’s more than certain that you’ll get handouts from your classes, such as a syllabus, so it’s important to keep that type of information organized as well. If you can scan them in, they will be processed as images and will also be easily searchable. This is fantastic for looking up certain information such as the teacher’s phone number, office room and office hours, and required textbook.

It should also be helpful to use Evernote’s tag system for items like these, in case you’d prefer to place them into a personal notebook rather than your class notebook. If the handouts are available as downloadable files, you can also upload them and expect them to be searchable, but only if you have an Evernote Premium account.


You may also get emails from your school or teachers, and it can be beneficial to keep those on Evernote as well. Each user has an Evernote email address associated with it, so anything that is sent to that special email address will appear as a new note on your account. Don’t worry about other people sending random items to your Evernote account — the email address is partially randomized so only you (and whoever you tell) will know what it is.

For those who may be curious, you can also use your Twitter account to create quick notes — once set up, you can send a tweet to @myEN and it’ll recognize your tweet and will automatically create a new note for you.


Hopefully these tips will help you become more organized in school with Evernote. Of course, these are all just tips which you are free to use, but Evernote is designed to be very flexible and open — you can use it however you want in order to have it work best for you. There are other ways to extend evernote as well — for instance, Evernote Peek is a handy study tool. There are 7 other recommended ways to improve the way you use Evernote! Also, don’t forget to read our free guide to everything about Evernote.

What do you use to stay organized in school? If Evernote, how do you do it? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: Thomas Hawk

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