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Parents put in a lot of time and thought into naming their children. Thanks to the Internet, you can now compare names using a wide variety of factors. Here to help you analyze and determine the popularity of certain names is a web tool called BabyNameMo.

naming your children

BabyNameMo is a free to use web service that analyzes the name you provide it. It displays a popularity chart, origin, and meaning for your typed name. Note that the site does not have data on all names, only English names. In addition to the abovementioned information, the site displays an industry analysis bar graph, monthly normalized metrics, Ivy League universities analysis, income analysis, and education analysis.

naming your baby

To gain access to these latter analysis charts you will first need to register for an account on BabyNameMo.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps determine the popularity of certain names.
  • Analyses names with respect to many factors.
  • Represents information graphically.
  • Helps decide names for your children.
  • Similar tools: BabyNameWizard, What A Lovely Name, BabyNameMap, and Nymbler.

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