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Your status is constantly updated, so why shouldn’t your baby’s? Baby Connect offers a Facebook-like, passive way for you and your babysitter to report on the baby’s condition, giving you, your friends and your family the ability to see what’s going on. It may be a touch paranoid, but if you feel it gives you a sense of security then go ahead and try tracking your baby schedule online.

tracking your baby

While the website itself is free, if you want a dedicated iPhone app for keeping tabs on your account that will cost you $2.99. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from simply using the website on your iPhone’s browser, so the service is practically free. If you’re not sure if it’ll be useful for you it doesn’t cost anything to try.

tracking your baby


  • Keep friends and family up-to-date about your baby’s life.
  • Monitor how your baby is doing from everywhere, assuming your babysitter uses the site.
  • Free web version; $2.99 optional iPhone app.
  • Similar site:  Kidmondo.

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