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From around the globe countless people use Twitter to share their updates. If you are interested in finding out where the most Twitter activity is coming from, check out Twitter activity map called AWorldOfTweets.

twitter activity map

A World of Tweets displays a heatmap of recent tweets, displaying all continents. The visual is really fun to see: blue drops fall onto the region where the tweets are originating from, leaving behind a colored shade. The regions experiencing the most Twitter activity eventually turn to a red shade. You can modify the display settings using a blue options box on the left pane of the site.

Under the map, countries are sorted according to their number of recent tweets, the day’s tweets, and overall tweets.

 twitter activity stats

A graphical representation of the most Twitter-active countries is also displayed.



  • View twitter activity stats on a map.
  • A fun way to see which countries are the most Twitter-active.
  • Provides a fun visual heatmap.
  • Provides display options that can be modified.
  • Ranks countries according to their Twitter activity.
  • Similar tools: TrendsmMap, TweetAlert and Trendistic.

Check out A World of Tweets @

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