Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick

facebook twitter 3001   Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat TrickIn the world of social networks, there are two really big players: Facebook and Twitter. These are not the only players, not by a long shot, but with almost 150 million users on Twitter, and an estimated 900 million on Facebook, these are two giants that cannot be ignored.

In the spirit of not ignoring each other, Twitter and Facebook have recently tightened their mutual integration, with links that lead to actual Twitter pages, users and hashtags appearing right in Facebook updates. Furthermore, Twitter updates can now be automatically sent to Facebook Pages as well. Whether you’ve linked Twitter to Facebook or not, this is a change worth knowing about.

Below you’ll find out exactly what these changes entail, and more importantly, how you can enable the new features on your own account.

Bring A Better Twitter To Facebook

Some people choose to send their Twitter updates to Facebook. This saves considerable time if you feel you want both your social communities to get the same information. Until recently, this is all you could get out of Twitter updates on Facebook:

twitter facebook 16   Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick

These updates appear as they would on Twitter. No links except the link that was actually included in the update, and a small one leading to the poster’s profile on Twitter. This is the same for tweets that include mentions or pictures.

All this is now changed with the new Twitter-Facebook integration. If you have it enabled, your Twitter updates on Facebook will receive a facelift, to include links to people you mention, thumbnails of images you post, links to hashtags you use, and a full preview to links you post. This is also very useful when looking at other people’s updates to find out more about the people they mention, the pictures and links they post, etc.

For example, this is what a tweet containing a mention will look like on Facebook now:

twitter facebook 2   Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick

Something similar will happen when using a hashtag:

twitter facebook 3   Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick

As you can see, the updates now include actual links from Facebook to Twitter, where you can learn more about the hashtags used, the people mentioned, etc. This is great for Twitter users and non-Twitter users alike. If you’re a Twitter user, this is simply a shortcut for you into Twitter. If you’re not a Twitter user, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with this social network through things that might actually interest you.

Posting links and images through Twitter now looks similar to posting a URL on Facebook. This is what posting an image looks like. If you follow the link, you’ll find all the previous images this user posted on Twitter.

twitter facebook 4   Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick

Even cooler, this is what posting a link would look like:

twitter facebook 5   Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick

This looks almost exactly as posting the URL from Facebook would, and can really save you some time when posting links to both networks. As you can see, this last update from Twitter only includes one link, so if you use a hashtag, a mention and a link, as in the post above, only the actual link would appear. It seems that hashtags in general are in the lowest priority, and hashtag links only appear when they’re the only element used in the tweet.

These updates can now be posted on Facebook Pages as well, so if you’re running one, you can now post your Twitter updates straight onto your Page.

So now that you know all about this great new integration, how do you get it to work?

Enabling The New Integration & Posting On Facebook Pages

If you already have your Facebook and Twitter accounts linked, but can’t see these new posts appearing, the solution is actually very simple. Go you your Twitter profile page and scroll all the way down. If your accounts are already linked, click the “Disconnect” link to disconnect your accounts.

twitter facebook 6   Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick

Now click the Connect with Facebook banner to link your accounts yet again. This is somewhat annoying, but is very simple to do and is worth the extra features you’ll be getting. You will now be prompted to authorize the Facebook Twitter app, and your accounts will be linked again. That’s it! You should now be able to see your Twitter updates on Facebook in the new format.

If you want to post updated on your Facebook Page, simply tick the box that says “my Facebook page” and choose the page you want to post on.

twitter facebook 7   Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick

You can also choose to post updates only to your Facebook Page and not your personal profile, if, for example, you’re tweeting from a company’s Twitter account.

If your Twitter account was not previously linked to Facebook, simply connect your accounts and you’ll be able to immediately enjoy the new features. If you see that your friends’ Twitter updates on Facebook still appear in the old style, let them know about this little trick. It will improve your Facebook newsfeed too!

What do you think of the new Twitter-Facebook integration? Does it improve or hurt your Facebook experience? Let us know in the comments.

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Jamie VanRaalte

Hmm I don’t know if I like this. I like that FB and twitter are separate.

Yaara Lancet

Yeah, it’s not for everyone. Although it’s still nice to see these updates when someone else posts from Twitter, you don’t have to link your own accounts if you don’t want to.

Simon Davis

Once linked, do *all* your tweets go to FB or can you filter them somehow?

Yaara Lancet

I believe they all go, but there is a frequency limit I think, so if you tweet very often, not all of them will end up on Facebook. But in general, yes, all of them appear on Facebook, so linking the accounts is not right for everyone. It depends on how you use Twitter (and Facebook).


Useful posts
I don’t use hash tag in my twitter posts but post tells me lot of great things


I tried to link them, however Twitter has trouble linking to FB even after several attempts. I even disconnected the Twitter app on FB to no avail. Any ideas?

Yaara Lancet

What error are you getting, exactly? Will they not connect, or do tweets simply not appear on Facebook?

Twitter has an extensive troubleshooting page for these matters. Maybe you can find a solution there.

Let us know if you got it to work!


Apparently FB was being recalcitrant at the time, it eventually relented and allowed the connection.
Thank you Yaara for taking the time to help.

Yaara Lancet

Glad it works!

Kevin Vaillant

Question, If you have a Twitter account and a Facebook account and link the two so posts and tweets go to both will this be a new Social network? Should we call it TweetBook?

Michael Freeman

I’ve always heard it called the slightly less pleasant “TwitFace.”

Kevin Vaillant

Hadn’t heard that one before, nice.

Yaara Lancet

That’s a good one. :)

Michael Freeman

Meh. I funnel my Facebook and Twitter feeds into my Google+ stream (using the Streamified plugin), and can post to any combination of the three services I want to from there, while retaining the ability to easily keep them all separate when I want/need to. It’s a much better method, I think. Linking my Facebook and Twitter accounts would just be redundant and limiting. I rarely use Facebook and Twitter anymore, anyway.

Yaara Lancet

Personally, I also don’t like my two accounts. But I still like the new way Twitter updates appear on Facebook from those who do have them linked. You can still enjoy the change even without linking your accounts.

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Lora Allen

That is a bit much I think though.


I would like this if I had some control on the thumbnail showing up on my Facebook Page. I run a forum and we have a mod that automatically posts a link on Twitter about any new thread.
If I link Twitter to my Facebook Page on my FB status update it shows the one of my advertisers buttons as a thumbnail, rather than an image included in the forum thread.
Any ideas on how to get it to either:
show no thumbnail
or show an image of my choice
or show the image included in the forum thread as against the advertisers button?

Yaara Lancet

Hmmmm… I’m not sure about this. I’m not sure how Facebook decides which thumbnail to choose. There might be something you can do on your forum to point out the right image for it, but I’m not sure what.

Might be worth it to contact Facebook about this, or even better, ask the experts at MakeUseOf Answers.


Thanks I will ask the experts:)


Hi I am trying to connect Twitter to Facebook but am getting the following error message: ERROR: This endpoint has been deprecated. To temporarily reenable it, you may disable the “august_2012″ platform migration. It will be disabled permanently on August 1, 2012.
Any idea what the issue is??

Yaara Lancet

Hi Trevor,

As you can read here, this is actually a Twitter problem which is caused by a change to their API. As far as I could find out, Twitter is working on fixing this, so it should be working again soon.

Roehl Curioso

Yup I agree its not for everyone!!