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digital video converter for macThe fairly new Apple Mac Store is jock-full of reasonably priced applications, but if you hang out in there long enough you can find some awesome programs that can be downloaded for free.

I’ve reviewed several free App Store programs, here Twitter for Mac and the New Apple App Store [Mac] Twitter for Mac and the New Apple App Store [Mac] Read More and here 10 Free Productivity Apps In The New Mac App Store 10 Free Productivity Apps In The New Mac App Store Read More , and in my recent visit I came across a few video related apps for watching, streaming, and converting video and other media files.

In addition to the awesome Mac features, a few of these applications also work with Windows PC. So let’s see which are the better free video conversion and streaming apps out there.


Video and music files can take up lots of space on any computer or mobile device, but thanks to Wi-Fi networking programs, you can access video, photo, music content stored say on external drive of your main computer, and view that content on most recent Macs, Windows PCs or mobile devices. This is exactly what the recently released application, StreamToMe does. It’s similar to the mobile application Air Video How To Stream Your Videos To Your iPhone And iPod Touch How To Stream Your Videos To Your iPhone And iPod Touch Read More for streaming video to your iPhone and iPod touch.

digital video converter for mac


After downloading StreamToMe on say your main Mac computer, as well as the required ServeToMe program, you can access all your non DRM-protected audio, video, and photo content in your Finder and iTunes library . StreamToMe works with wide variety of media files, including MP4, FLV, AAC, M4A, JPG, and TIFF. I found the application setup and WiFi streaming nearly automatic.

iVI Digital Video Converter for Mac

If you have non-DRM protected or ripped DVDs that you want to convert for playing on other devices like your iPhone or iPad, it doesn’t seem to get any easier than with a program called iVI.

video converter mac

After you launch the program, the instructions for using iVI are written in large bold letters, “Drop Video Here”. Just drag your video(s) from your Finder and drop it into the application.

video converter for mac

iVI will convert it for play on your Apple mobile devices, Apple TV, or original resolution for iMovie editing. Depending on the size of video, it may not be a microwave fast process, but it will get the job done.


Miro Digital Video Converter for Mac has the same drag-and-drop simplicity of iVI but with a larger set of conversion formats.

video converter mac

Miro can convert almost any video for playback on Android and Apple mobile devices, as well as WebM and Ogg Theora formats.  The only draw-back to the Miro is that you can only convert one video at a time. This is small limitation for an awesome free program.

video conversion mac best

MOSO Video Editor

In the world of hit and run YouTube videos, Apple”˜s long established iMovie program 5 Awesome New Features In iMovie '11 [Mac] 5 Awesome New Features In iMovie '11 [Mac] Read More may actually slow down some video producers, so this where the now free Moso video studio comes in.

video conversion mac best

With Moso you can quickly record and edit web-cam video or import existing video and photos on your computer. The programs includes built-in background music and titles effects. Though the 50 motion effects may be dorky for some, many web-cam producers will surely have fun with them. When your video productions are ready, they can be shared on your Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter (via Twitvide) account.

video conversion mac best

While the basic features of Moso are pretty intuitive, a step-by-step instructional guide for the program would be helpful. Moso doesn’t have the advanced features of iMovie, but for quick, fun video and web-cam productions it shouldn’t be overlooked.

digital video converter for mac

Let’s us know what you think of these programs and the other video converters 5 Easy-to-use Freeware Video Converters 5 Easy-to-use Freeware Video Converters Read More we’ve reviewed.

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