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free photo contestsOne of the ways to take your photography to the next level is by entering photo contests. Photo contests can be both a challenge for you as a photographer as well as provide you with exposure for your skills and creativity.

There are several contests which require an entry fee, but if you’re just starting out, it will probably be best to check out several free options.

All but one of the contests listed below feature regular and monthly contests in which you can enter more than once. While the competition looks stiff for all these contests, the key to winning is submitting a lot and not being discouraged because you don’t win. Above all, just have fun.

When you enter photo contests, you become a part of a community of serious and talented photographers who are sharing their work with the world.

Ampersand Magazine

The UK-based magazine, Ampersand, is holding its first annual open photography competition. It’s open to all photographers, professional and non-professional.

”Submissions may or may not be landscapes, portraits, still lifes, wedding photography, glamour shots, theatrical scenes, wildlife, marketing photography, food photography, fashion photography, paparazzi or photo journalism. They may or may not be spontaneous or staged. They may or may not be natural or digitally augmented.”

free photo contests

The deadline is August 30th. A sample of the photos that have appeared in the magazine can also be viewed on their site, Capture the Fade.



If you have a little newborn or baby whom you no doubt take photos of on a regular basis, everybabies offers a free monthly contest for photos of babies between the ages 0 and 4. Any parent or guardian can enter the contests which are open to contestants from around the world.

The rules and schedule for submissions are very straight forward and easy to enter. TheCuteKid has a similar free contest open to its members.

photo contests


The photo gallery website, Soaphoto holds a free monthly contest for its members. Check out the work of past contest winners to get a feel for the competition. The contest is limited to the U.S. and all photos submitted must be shot with a digital camera.

photo contests


The very popular online photo magazine, JPGMag runs a series of thematic challenges, for self-portraits to urban photos. As a member of the free site, you can both submit and vote on entries for each challenge. Selections from the most favored photos are included in the magazine.

You do not have to subscribe to the magazine in order to participate. The challenges and photo guidelines have no geographic limits.

photo contests


online photo contests

Photos2win is an international photography contest site that holds a series of contests for both its free and paying members. Open contests are based on a wide range of topics and the monetary prizes are from $50 and up.

See entry guidelines for more information.

free photo contests

The best way to prepare a photo contest is to visit photo sites Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Read More and view popular and well made photos. Try out various shooting and photo processing and enhancement techniques, and shoot, shoot, shoot. Often your best shots are not planned but come as a result of lots of shooting.

If you’re new to photography, check our free MakeUseOf Essential Guide to Photography A Beginner's Guide To Digital Photography A Beginner's Guide To Digital Photography You may think that picking up a digital camera, turning it on, and taking the photo is all that you need to know about digital photography. Think again. Read More .  And let us know about other free contests that we missed.

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