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E-mails are one of the biggest things that can distract us from getting things done. However, you cannot just ignore your incoming emails while working as they may possibly contain important and urgent messages, and in fact when you want to get notified critical e-mails come to you wherever you are.


AwayFind is a web service that spares you from the needless email interruptions when working by filtering only important emails and notifying you through various means. This way, you can work efficiently without unnecessarily opening your inbox.


To create a filter for your incoming emails, just enter your email login information in your AwayFind account. Then select how you want AwayFind to contact you in the event that you receive an important email. AwayFind supports SMS, phone calls, email, Twitter direct messaging, AIM, MSN Messenger, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger.

You can also input someone else’s account if you want to forward a filtered e-mail to your assistant or co-worker. Then you can start adding filters to your email by inputting the email addresses that you want to keep a lookout for. You can also add keywords to your filter so that when AwayFind spots an email containing those, you will be notified as well.



Awayfind is currently available as a private beta, but we are giving quick access invites for you (free for the first 150 MakeUseOf readers). Just click here to sign up and use this nifty service.



  • Avoid email distractions when working.
  • Filters your email inbox so that you only get important or urgent messages.
  • Notifies you through various means whenever you get an important email.
  • Can notify other people as well.
  • Set intelligent auto-responses to your emails.

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