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One of the greatest things about the iPhone is the ability to have your music with you wherever you go. If you are walking down the street, riding a bike, or doing anything, you can pull out your iPhone and with a couple of taps or the screen, have your favorite songs playing.

The problem with this is that it can be a distraction. If you are walking down the street and an ambulance is approaching, will you be able to hear it? With “Awareness! The Headphone App” you will be able to hear a siren, or any other important noise from outside your headphones. Basically, Awareness monitors the noise in the background when you open it up. It logs this as ambient noise.


Any sound it finds that is louder than ambient noise is played from your iPhone’s microphone to the headphones. With this awesome app, you will be able to hear all the important things that happen, without having to keep the volume extremely low on your music. It is a valuable application that could actually save your life in certain situations.


  • Plays loud outside sounds through your headphones.
  • Monitors for any sound louder than regular ambient noise.
  • Works with video as well as music.
  • Keeps you safe while listening to music.

Find Awareness! The Headphone App on the iTunes App Store


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