Avvo: Find Lawyer Ratings & Get Free Legal Advice

You don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees to get a simple question answered. But at the same time relying on legal advice from somewhere like Yahoo! Answers or some shady discussion forum is not that assuring either. So what should you do? Well, now you might want to check out Avvo.

Avvo is an interactive portal where professional lawyers give you FREE personalized advice and answer your questions. In return, you rate the lawyer on how they did so other people know about them beforehand. You can also search and find lawyer ratings in your area, see their detailed profile including license information or any reported misconduct, and write a review if you have ever hired them.

avvo   Avvo: Find Lawyer Ratings & Get Free Legal Advice

Main features:

  • Get free legal advice from professional lawyers.
  • Free information guides about everyday legal issues.
  • Search for lawyers by location, name or practice area.
  • See detailed profile for each and every lawyer on Avvo.
  • Rate the lawyers, endorse them and even write reviews.
  • Go directly to the lawyer’s website or add them to your list.

Visit Avvo @ www.avvo.com

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