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There are lots of things I dislike. Very few things I hate. One of the things that I hate with a passion is speeding tickets. I drive fast as I need to get where I am going. Now in my neighborhood I have a map in my head of all the speed traps. A speed trap is a spot that local police hang out at waiting to pounce on the next motorist speeding along the road.

They sit there hiding and pointing their radar gun. When someone speeds by they are going to get hit with a ticket. Aren’t there SO MANY other ways you would rather spend your money?

Enter SpeedTrap. These guys have a database covering all the United States, Mexico, The Caribbean and Canada. The site is kind of fugly but they are developing a new beta version that looks much more Web 2.0 instead of something circa 1999. You can see their progress on the beta here. But from what I can see the beta version is the United States only for the time being.

speed traps website

According to the website:

The police may be out in the open, hiding behind bridge abutments, or passing overhead in an airplane. Driver after driver is issued a speeding ticket that results in exorbitant fines, points on their driver’s licenses and insurance surcharges. If only there was a way you could share your knowledge of speed traps, in exchange for the speed trap knowledge of others. Well, now there is!

The site is super simple to use. First select ‘View SpeedTraps’ on the home page or click this link to go to it directly.


Click on where you want to find speed traps. Sometimes you can find very specific listings like a specific highway or overpass and other times you can find more broad ranges.

speed traps locations

I take the belt parkway over by Bay Ridge daily so I clicked on it to see if my speed trap was listed.

avoid speeding tickets

The best part are the comments. For some of my local speed traps a angry motorist who got stopped by the same cop 3 times had this to say in her comment:

“This cop doesn’t care who is speeding – he would give his own mother a ticket. My cleavage didn’t help me at all! He must be gay!”

I know the cop she is talking about and started laughing uncontrollably.

So go check it out. Add some of the speed traps you know and find some you don’t know about today! The more people who use it the more beneficial it will be for everyone!

Do you have another site that helps you out? Do you have the ultimate radar detector? How do you get around – and no, not speeding is NOT the answer :).

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