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iphone speedometerIf you are one of the many people (like myself) who are accustomed to adding functionality to their iPhone through jailbreaking, then I have a couple of interesting finds for you. I think we can all agree that the Google Maps application on the iPhone is a little weak. It lacks a lot of basic functionality and one of the features that comes standard on most navigation units which is a speedometer. Fortunately, this isn’t a lost cause, because through the magic of jailbreaking, you can use your iPhone to tell you how fast you are going, in the maps app, and out of it.

You may be wondering why you would need your iPhone to know how fast you are going when your car has a speedometer built right in. Well, what if you are riding on a train and you want to know how fast it is moving? Or how about a bus? Maybe you are in the third row of a friends giant Lincoln Navigator and you want to yell at them for driving like an old lady, but you need to make sure it isn’t just your imagination, and that he or she is, in fact, actually driving slowly.

Whatever your reason for needing to know your speed, I’m going to show you two cool Cydia tweaks that allow you to quickly and easily add a speedometer to your iPhone.

Installing The Apps

Both of the apps I am going to recommend today are available in the base Cydia repositories, so installing them is nice and easy. The first app is called “Speed for Maps.” Simply search for that in Cydia, install the package and you’ll be ready to go. The second one is called “Speedometer,” search for that in Cydia, download, and be impressed.

Speed For Maps

Speed for Maps is a very basic Cydia tweak that does one thing and does it well. It overlays a little speedometer in the base iPhone maps app. It drops it on the bottom right corner of the screen, so it will not intrude with the view of where you are going.

iphone speedometer


It is a very cool little tweak that works exactly as advertised. Simply install it in Cydia, respring your iPhone and open up the maps app. There is virtually no setup involved and you will be ready to use the app immediately. This is a small, highly functional tweak that adds something to the iPhone that should be there by default.

The speed was very accurate as long as I was moving quickly. I had a hard time getting it to pick up my movement while walking, but in the car it had no problem.


Speedometer is a standalone app that does not integrate with Maps. It simply launches and tells you exactly how fast you are moving. It offers two different display themes in the free version, and offers two more premium themes if you would like to pay. The free version also features a small ad on the bottom of the app.

iphone speedometer app review

The cool thing about this app is that it features social network integration. You can simply click the Twitter or Facebook button and the app will post how fast you are moving at that time. It will also share your highest speed with your friends. It might be a great way to get busted if you have some police officers on your friends list.

iphone speedometer

While this iPhone speedometer app is designed as more of a “for fun” app, it is still cool if you just want to quickly find out how fast you are moving and share it with your friends.

The speed accuracy on this worked the same as the first one. It was almost dead on to the speed that my car showed.


Both of these apps are cool if you want to know how fast you are traveling and you do not have access to a car’s speedometer. Speed for Maps is more of a functional app that adds a function to an already existing iPhone service. Speedometer, while still functional, is more of a novelty in that it just shows you your speed, and allows you to share with your friends. Either way, they both get the job done, it just depends on exactly what kind of functionality you are looking for.

Have you tried these iPhone speedometer apps? Did you set a land speed record? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Michiel2005

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  1. Julio Jua
    September 2, 2011 at 12:15 am

    Oooor, get the Navigon app. Except it isn't free.