AVG Launches Internet Security 2013 With A Brand New Interface & Many New Features [Updates]

avg 3004   AVG Launches Internet Security 2013 With A Brand New Interface & Many New Features [Updates]Popular anti-virus and security app AVG has received its yearly update with the new AVG Internet Security 2013 and AVG AntiVirus FREE 2013, and this time it’s a compete overhaul. This update includes a whole new simplified interface, improved installation process, some brand new features, and, of course, better virus and malware detections.

If you’ve been using AVG regularly, you’ll notice the interface now resembles what used to be called “Metro” – it’s a Windows 8 matching design that should go well with the up and coming new operating system from Microsoft. Aside from resembling Windows 8 in design, the interface should also be simpler and more intuitive to use for a wide range of users.

avg 2013   AVG Launches Internet Security 2013 With A Brand New Interface & Many New Features [Updates]

While both the free and paid versions were updated, most of the new features are offered with Internet Security 2013, the company’s paid option. Among the new features you’ll find the WiFi Guard, which alerts you about rogue access points you should avoid, better Firewall capabilities, AVG Identity Alert, which searches the Web for misuse of your personal information, and free mobile protection. AVG will also be offering free 24/7 customer support, even for users of the free anti-virus version, which is a nice touch.

If you’re curious about the new features, you can download a free 30-day trial of Internet Security 2013 to see what it’s like. The full version will cost you around $60.

Download: AVG AntiVirus FREE 2013, AVG Internet Security 2013 (free 30-day trial)

Source: AVG

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Thanks for the write up Yaara. I am sharing this with my circles as some more than others are concerned about their online security. Have a great weekend and thanks again.


I’ve been using this for almost 10 years now… gr8 tool and never disappointed.

nikhil agarwal

I have been using AVG for 3 years now. updating to 2013 version

Humza Aamir

I bought an OEM DVD of AVG Internet Security 2012 a while back, the license was valid upto 2018. But few days ago, it changed the license no. on its own and now thinks I’ve got a trial version that would expire in about 2 weeks. A couple of days have gone by and me and my anti-virus are playing table tennis. Don’t know what’s gone wrong with it because its a very good software for what its made for :(

Yaara Lancet

I think you should contact AVG support. They do offer free customer support, and they should be able to tell you what happened. If it’s a mistake, they might give you a new license. Never hurts to try!


Actually, It’s not a mistake. Not too long ago they black listed several serial codes because of many of them being used by multiple users.

Humza Aamir

No one’s to blame then :/…I shall contact AVG then.

Sebastian Hadinata

I’m currently using avast. but this looks interesting.. makes me want to try it! And it has metro interface (umm, okay, Windows 8 interface) .. :D

Ahmed Khalil

I respect AVG very much but i still prefer Kaspersky, which i think it is no one antivirous


I have the paid for 2012 Internet Security, which has recently changed its look to Windows 8, is there a great difference between it and the 2013 suite? If so, is the 2013 version significantly improved and how would I upgrade? Anyone know?


Never mind, I found the license upgrade page.


When AVG first came out, I loved it and recommended the same to everyone I knew. ButI stopped using AVG a few years ago because I found the later incarnations bogged down my machine. It would be nice if things have changed. The new Metro-style interface looks bland though.


given the degradation of AVG in recent years, i moved away from them completely.

another reason was the unwanted/malicious software bundling in AVG setups.

Adjei Kofi

I like the interface. I might just try it out someday.

Dwayne Nicholson

Tried it. Uninstalled it within 24 hours. Reinstalled Microsoft Security Essentials.


I am a Windows 7 user. Having just updated my AVG software, I can tell the “Metro” style doesn’t match with the rest of the applications/interfaces I have, anyone know how to revert to a “classic” look?

Raghav Gupta

Using AVG. Its the best

Brenden Barlow

interesting changes avg….i have so many AV that im interested in trying….not enough time, machines, or money!!

morshed alam

i allrady use 2 YEARS my licence 2018 its grats for me ; tnx & happy xmas all of agv user