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Make sure you receive urgent emails whene you are offline or on vacation. AwayFind gives you a custom form that people can use to reach you via SMS when you’re not accessible via regular emails. It’s very easy to set it up, first register and create your personal contact page at AwayFind. Then get a link and  place it into your email signature or your “Out of Office” autoresponder message. If someone really needs to find you, they can click on that link and fill out the form. AwayFind will deliver the message to your mobile as SMS.

AwayFind - receive email as sms

Check out sample screenshot of the email signature containing AwayFind link.

AwayFind- get urgent emails


  • Make sure you get urgent emails as SMS when you’re offline or on vacation.
  • Urgent emails can be delivered to your phone as SMS or other email address.
  • Optionally ask sender a question (ex. What car do I drive?) to only get emails from people you know.
  • Customize your AwayFind contact form by choosing which information to request from sender.
  • Basic account is free, paid accounts with more features also available.

Watch demo video below:

Visit AwayFind @


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